1. Aspiration is at the individual, family, social, national levels.
  2. Any aspiration is evolutionary at its base.
  3. Aspiration is the unorganised subconscious urge.


  1. Work completes itself when it moves into the causal plane. It
    moves when it enters the subtle plane. Work is done in the physical
  2. Success makes even the detestable sweet.
  3. Uttering a possibility cancels it.
  4. Secrecy is an instrument of accomplishment.
  5. Building on the first wish is a sure indication of its cancellation.
  6. Vigorous imagination virtually cancels the work.
  7. Indifference implies unattainability.
  8. The unseen possibility becomes a wonder.
  9. Incapacity to censure is capacity to accomplish.
  10. Espionage, gossip, tale-bearing, overhearing, insight are negative and positive sides of successful existence.

Energy, Force, Power, Results

  1. Energy of an organisation issues from its motives.
    • Motive is energy.
  2. Energy directed is Force.
    • Direct the energy into Force.
  3. Force passing through an organisation is power.
    • Organise Force into Power.
  4. Skills convert power into results.
    • Result creating skills.
  5. Values give the needed direction.
    • Values are spiritual skills.
  6. Organisation that converts force into power can be a material
    organisation like a machine or a social organisation or a set of
    • Machines generate mechanical power.
    • Systems generate organisational power.
    • Organisations create social power.
  7. Results are produced out of power by skills or capacity or talents.
    • Result producing skills.
    • Capacity produces greater results.
    • The greatest results issue out of talents.
  8. At each stage there are values.
    • Omnipresent values.
  9. Values can be physical, vital, mental or spiritual.
    • All-pervasive values.
  10. A wider ORGANISATION covers the entire energy flow from energy to results.
    • Organisation is a converter of energy into results.

Energy Conversion & Accomplishment

  1. Energy varies. Each energy is released by an aspiration special
    to it. As aspiration and energy varies, will too varies. One type of
    will does not act on another type of energy.
  2. Organisation is a structure. It can be mechanical or vital composed of social systems or psychological as character.
  3. Power and skill meet to produce results.
  4. Aspiration, energy, force, power, skill, results all of them tend to become unique and perfect at their infinitesimal level.
  5. Conversion of each into its next category needs a strategy in an organisation or an attitude in an individual.
  6. From aspiration to the results, we can see the process of accomplishment in action.
  7. The process of accomplishment is the process of creation.
  8. The process can lead you to accomplishment or to the original essence.
  9. The essence in creation is Brahman. The essence in society is social existence.
  10. At every stage, uniqueness, perfection, the infinitesimal can be seen to coexist.
  11. There is no object, person, or event in the universe outside this theory of accomplishment.
  12. One important rule of survival is to have all the energy to preserve the existing structure.
  13. Energy needed for normal change, be it growth, development,
    evolution is less than energy needed to create structure in any of
    these stages.

Range in accomplishment, enjoyment, efficiency, opportunity, response

  1. A range rises between the maximum possibility and the minimum willingness to exert to achieve it.
    • Ensure the minimum, endeavour for the maximum.
  2. The measure of accomplishment is determined by the measure of enjoyment.
    • Enjoyment is accomplishment.
    • Accomplishment is enjoyment.
    • No accomplishment without enjoyment.
    • No enjoyment without accomplishment.
  3. Efficiency is determined by the level of organisation.
    • Organisation is efficiency.
  4. Opportunity is the announcement of the atmosphere of its possibility.
    • Opportunity is the readiness of atmosphere.
    • Opportunity is the ripe atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere ripens into opportunity.
  5. Atmosphere responds to the readiness of man.
    • Nothing responds like atmosphere.
  6. Man responds to the inescapable demands made on him.
    • Man responds to pressure.
    • Atmosphere responds to ripe man.
  7. There is no accomplishment without enjoyment.
    • Enjoy and accomplish.
  8. There is no enjoyment without accomplishment.
    • Accomplish to enjoy.
  9. Accomplishment that issues an extraneous enjoyment is of a lower order.
    • Accomplishment, as an exception, can be outside enjoyment.
  10. That enjoyment which issues out of the accomplishment itself is real.
    • Real accomplishment goes with real enjoyment.

Accomplishment, Enjoyment: Levels of Enjoyment

  1. Energy saturating the vital harmoniously is enjoyment.
    • Harmonious saturated energy.
  2. Enjoyment is emotional comprehension maturing in an act.
    • Act of nature emotional comprehension.
  3. Accomplishment issues enjoyment.
    • Accomplishment and enjoyment are synonymous.
    • Accomplishment is enjoyment.
    • Accomplishing enjoyment.
    • Enjoying accomplishment.
  4. Therefore enjoyment can be a measure or index of accomplishment.
    • Enjoyment measures accomplishment.
    • Enjoyment, an index of accomplishment.
    • Accomplishment, an index of enjoyment.
  5. Enjoyment can be an index of accomplishment even as comprehension can.
    • Coexisting correlations serve as an index of each other.
  6. Comprehension, enjoyment, accomplishment each can serve as an index for the others, as each includes the other two.
  7. Enjoyment can be seen at all the 9 levels.
    • Ubiquitous enjoyment.
  8. Mind enjoys comprehension, comprehending the emotion of the situation.
    • Comprehension too can be enjoyed.
  9. Poetry is mind's emotional comprehension of life's intensities as realities.
    • Comprehension of emotion is poetry.
  10. The poet is placed higher than the philosopher because the
    philosopher lends his knowledge to No. 2 to appreciate the higher
    realities of life.
    • Poet elevates. Philosopher instructs.
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