Act as a Unit of Accomplishment

By accomplishment, we mean human accomplishment, as our subject is social development.

  • The construction of a bridge and the creation of grammar for a language can serve as examples of a small physical act and a significant mental accomplishment.

Accomplishments, apart from varying in size and significance, divide themselves into the three planes of physical, vital, mental.

  • A man repeats what others have done for long by building a house for himself. It is an accomplishment for him, in his life, not for a wider plane.
  • Man reaching the moon is an accomplishment for humanity.
  • The Secret revealed to the world an old wisdom. It has taken the world by storm. It is not an accomplishment in creating a new power, but an accomplishment in revealing to the world its own hidden treasure.
  • A girl steals at the age of 16, and is ostracized by her community and school, while another girl, against the collective will, offers her friendship, weans her away from stealing. It is a psycholog. It isals cho agah clerl,or forlishmforwhoifi the treasure.
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