Aspects of Life

Obstacles, Anachronisms

  1. Any method that outlived its use can turn into an obstacle.
    • Form in disuse is obstacle.
  2. Anachronisms are invisible obstacles, obstacles for the growth of spirit.
    • Attachment to the obsolete is anachronism.
  3. A method that has taken its form in the physical and is therefore rigid becomes an obstacle.
    • Physical anachronisms are obstacles.
  4. Obstacles stubbornly prevent progress of the present.
    • Progress is flexible, obstacles are rigid. Flexible progress, rigid obstacle.
  5. Anachronisms are subtle in effect and sap the energies of mind that are needed for progress.
    • Anachronisms drain subtle energies.
    • Anachronisms subtly drain the energies.
  6. Anachronisms are fortified by archaic sentiments.
    • Archaic sentiments are mental anachronisms.
  7. Physical obstacles are insurmountable.
    • Any obstacle can be overcome, not the physical.
  8. Vital obstacles are ferocious in their energies of opposition.
    • Voluminous support, ferocious opposition.
  9. Mental obstacles are that of ego and seal the fate of progress.
    • Mind becomes an obstacle in the ego.
  10. Obstacles are symbols of the being's determination to cherish the present.
    • Enjoyment of the present (is the obstacle).

Relationship between the part & the whole

  1. The result in a work is, apart from all other things, determined by the relation of the individual and the work atmosphere.
  2. A similar relationship exists between: the part and the whole; one part and the other part.
  3. A result is arrived at as suits the existing conditions. It is the minimum result.
  4. The maximum result is for the best relationship of the parts, the whole and the inter-relationship of the parts.
  5. Such relationships exist between the three planes, viz. physical, subtle, causal.
  6. Relationship that governs the consciousness and substance too has a determining character.

Subtle is powerful

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