MSS has conducted a wide range of theoretical and practical studies on the process of employment generation and strategies to achieve full employment. Specific projects focused on for rural employment in India, eliminating unemployment in reunified Germany, stimulating job creation in South East Europe and the Middle East, youth employment and global employment strategies.

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Global Prospects for Full Employment - PDF file
By Garry Jacobs & Ivo Slaus ,
Published in 'CADMUS Volume 1, Issue 2', April 2011

Human Capital and Sustainability - PDF file
By Garry Jacobs & Ivo Slaus ,
Published in Sustainability, Volume3 Issue 1, January 2011
Theory & Strategies for Full employment - PDF file
By Ashok Natarajan,
Published in 'CADMUS Volume 1, Issue1', October 2010'

Declaration on Full Employment in each South East European Country - PDF file
By Orio Giarini, Garry Jacobs & Ivo Slaus,
Published in 'European Papers on the New Welfare', September 2007

Employment in Global Knowledge Society
By Garry Jacobs, Presented at General Assembly of the World Academy of Art & Science,
Zagreb, Croatia, November 2005
Published in 'The Future of Knowledge'- Evolutionary Challenge of 21st Century, 2007

 Employment Generation in Agriculture, Wasteland Development, Afforestation & Agro-Industries
By Garry Jacobs, For presentation at the Workshop on Employment in Rural Non-Farm Sector,
Institute for Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi, March 25-27, 2002

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