India: Vision 2020






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 f="/">Hom#_Toc26694192e/FOREWORD.. 1h1>

Hom#_Toc26694193e/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.. 3h1>

Hom#_Toc26694194" T USENTS. 5h1>

Hom#_Toc26694195">SUMMARY AND OVERVIEW... 7h1>

Hom#_Toc26694196">1. iiIntcodus I0<. 29h1>

Hom#_Toc26694197e/Ae 2020 |

Hom#_Toc26694198">ngs C="llengesPA -->.i33h1>

Hom#_Toc26694199">2.div iUncomm0 |OpRESEunities.i38h1>


Hom#_Toc26694la1s>KnowledgePRnsin ces. 41h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la2e/3.div iCenteopment Home P45h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la3">ngs People.P45h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la4" Food Se"urmty.P48h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la5">Employome P55h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la6">Edus" tit. 65h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la7e/SCreatT Capabilities. 73h1>

Hom#_Toc26694la8">Vos" titer Trainmp;. 77h1>


Hom#_Toc26694l1ss>Vulnh/"bility. 85h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l11s>4. iInfrastruc ure. 88h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l12e/Urbteopment Home P88h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l13">Rurer Infrastruc ure. 91h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l14" Telecom.. 93h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l15">Transtitl 97h1>

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Hom#_Toc26694l18">Fuelopmnted. 106h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l19">Renhw"ble Enh/gy. 110h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l2ss>AiknQuality. 111h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l21s>Wy"e/fManageome P114h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l22e/LainkiFoons/ >

Hom#_Toc26694l23">6.div iGlob"lis" tit. 120h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l24" Glob"l TreinsP>

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Hom#_Toc26694l3ss>Bns/-case Scenarwo/

Hom#_Toc26694l31s>Dec2020 Ptie s. 139h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l32e/Annexures. 142h1>

Hom#_Toc26694l33e/Annexure I:nRabi

Hom#_Toc26694l34e/Annexure II:n144h1>

  a"form_i_Toc234048a5"="Contac_Toc234048a5"/h1> NDI


 Our v2020tr"oatr"ombis well">s uniteniD rmsir pursuit/of self-fulfillome .PI Pmuduabs basiom0< obje"/ Pof fac UP> rais"l of pd=sibilities,Pyet-i Pmuduariseabsyos a .entid=",aalcatep; ustrdmntedmaur >tten"tone>s well">s roerms rangeaof optiitlabewarenh.saof rms h.searwer cul urer aCONeiD on Milves,P> completn reliaCONm0s a n" tit a NDIi> A trus v2020sma livtp; > s.

 Tme: v2020Ct way, be="il cen serve">s a usefurPen"r/?p; idie P>s a n" tit. iIteseeks ro idearwfyeboth tms unaddch.sed-problems >asma far st/op;2r, moreeRros yocks.Pngs vast scrttP>Hom#_ftn1e="Contac_ftnchf1">1h1> .

 Tme: v2020trwill"ac uerlyeoccur, nh1 somplyea o sealiduaof des5/"ble be="unur-inl"ble nnds. Rapo t,/i Pisea/en"leome /ofhwm>trwe belimenee: Rd=sible

vailable onsin ces-cente, organis" tital, teornologicer<>  In

ul" tp;Ii> our v2020smaneaof rms lop;2st livtp; civtlis" titsniD rms world. iIn 1835,Pmenn rms Btrtofh_DeveP>trwe seekarchfo1>ul" eeou1 v2020   NDAn h.searwer r"Conreome /

ND Aa a>A rms world. Tmsy itrdds0olve: Rhysicer<>vailabilityP>"ch.sarchinrs " tch.oe a/tvNeof aPrel" tvNeshift iD rms "12ines rmaeadrtvNedment Home Pfrom nteufac urmp; ro rms .orviONsese"/okn>  ngs growtp; infndiCONaof rmsseefac oks a"/?p; onerms fou< basi ="1a >CONero tgs v2ew rm>tr_Deve-cen achimen >< growtrtiD rms com?p; decades.i NDTms compoutrwill"_Deve-bs likeeSS yocks-from now?iIn ssmeeaitysrwe cen nstim" seCo"arw a/tvNlyewithra fairedegitNeof accuracyP>CON.iIn ssmee"po tsrwe knowerms broad dire"/t0rs un"ble rchitysonablyepe="nuo17/s roerms country's likelyea"complishome .iIn still""po tsrwe cannouamenn sayewithrconfid>CONerme dire"/t0trfu ure rreinsPwill"take. Ws cen onlyeopeCoursewm>trwould beemaduades5/"ble >A both tms opRESEunitiesP>  By-h220,hrms people-ofh_Deve-will"beamoreenuom/ous,/bet"e/fhdus" ed,ahealthier >asmi Pisetoday> ND (i.e.,nd,vitysNebye0.2 pe/fbme hper ><020nd effESEsA /" ss.i NDTms Rdpul" t0yocks of age/will"double rch120 mill20< people (i.e.,naroudoptiit-of speower meesures ND a< growtrt>rs likelyerchfurpo teatoravurse" claser disparttiesPwithd, rms country.

 Well"beCteCo"arw ies of food rchpcovtde e healthyPdiet-to i/snearwre Rdpul" t0growtrt>chimend durmp; rms 1990s, NDrms country>will"bea"ble rchmeeE rms pcoje"/nomdmmaaa<"po teGreenmRevolut20rs children,Pwsmenn>Cteemployome PopRESEunitiesPsohthaeaall"n">seholdl-haveerms purch>smp; pa>< ="ch.sarchfood.y cl>Employome Ph1 li-2lihood se"urmtyPe: eloh.searwer aCon-2rsely, food se"urmtyPe: eloh.searwer r"Conreome /

ofh_Deve'snworkdecades, _Deve'sngity"eduat="llengePwill"bearchpcovtde employome PopRESEunitiesP

Hom#_msocom_1""onoouseitl="msoCommme Htde('_com_1')e="Contac_mso"nchor_1""onoousei-2r="msoCommme Sha>('_"nchor_1lf')com_1')e=de-2_"nchor_1""en" uage="JavuS>[GJ1]h1> Pnuo17//of job-seekers.iMajh1 ch>< pdwinyaneedsProegenh/" semoreermann250 mill20< adai titer employome PopRESEunitiesPr-2r rms nextnSS yocks.PAterms saom"tie",erms yoter RroRESE20< cornesnd, a-inkketmdmmocracy.iTms capacityerchpay e: rms hcs< "Contalme /ofhrms rirnearc vote.y cl>_Deve'snv2020 NDIi>. cl>Employome Pmuduabs "or"o NDIi> ng snwill"r"ConrePaPreorient" t0< of n" titer Rriorities,Preornology pdwinys I0<. Fh1om/lyeshpar"te lines of se"/okal plann?p; need-to be inEcg/" ednarouofhwmiortfurl employome Pmuduabs onN.

 How available roerms n" toneroeachimen tms obje"/tvNeofhoity"tp; >dai titer employome PopRESEunities.iTms Rtions/organisedese"/oknha> prisesn(SMEs), whiortvsarribuee tgs vast majh1ofhpclvursese"/oknjobs iD moreeadvaCONd ics" tiesPsuchha: rms USA, JapaCONsrconfirm-tma="SMEseait bet"e/fopsul" ed-from rms extertal shocks, moreerssisEue Prchrms, >doptiit, glob"lis" tit/and earr tchneurier dment Home .PEmployome Pha: nocklyet ND A comprehenstvNepackage/ofhvme ure capital, ><020  ngs 2020stp; >y"expandmp;,-a-widumrangeaof st/" egiesP>ASSagesPto downt.dteamPagro-opeu.dties cen drao" tcerlyer"duse waste aerapidaed"><020will"ersohr"ConrePmill20will"mitnCONeofhunemployome Pcould bee"lmaduaelimina/ed-bye MSS .<,Preornicer, sci>Cte Co, sPoweraha: titl 320 mill20< ill2"e/a s adss?U"iTms Gr-2rnome 'sngoeralmsmp; rms gity"e/fv2020 NDIi>

 Li"e/anyCsable hinimum "on h.searwer pchr"Con titP

titl 60 pe/fbme . i NDAchimemp; 120 pe/fbme henrolmme hofherl-children inerms 6-to 14 yock/age group>e: elo>mbitdous"hime"blengoer<

sea/top Rriority.PI

< knowledge, be="ersoh"Indis >smsNereachtp; >Ast>should embtkkman-a ma.stvNepcogcamme-to "o<-2rt rms earwre horn tehdus" titartcurriculum d,to aamul i-"all",Pweb-basiomlr dment Home .PAemoreermanndoublmp; of inv"stome niD edus" titPfrom rms currme /lment of 3.2 pe/fbme hof GNP e: rms sou< growtrt>s well">s rms tyttP>labou1I cl>a ND A comprehenstvNest/" egyeis<020"/tvNei volveome /ofhrms pclvursese"/oknd, .kirledeli-2ry.P NDAnn" titer network/ofh50,200 oknmoreecomputervsedevos" titer I cl>cme rss> NDcl>arun-byepclvurseself-employed businesses,Psimilar roerms STD bs?ths >-cd=",ahorn-qualityPtrainmp; ro 10 mill20< workers ev2ry yock-moreermannftvNetie"serms yoter nuo17//"o-2red-byeexis/?p; > NDcl>pcogcammes> NDIi>. A parallnt effESE isPr"Conred rchupgrade rms skirlsPofh_Devet farmeks,Pwho umpch.oe P56epe/fbme hofhrms yoter work"/tcer dmmotr"ombi< growtr,hRe/fbapitaniDvsme, employome , l2"e/any, hdus" tit, =geP>t marriage, birtrt/" ss,f>vailabilityPof in/" ss,fm" srtal mESEul NDIi> NDexis/ > NDbetwee, difes">Ct iDvsmeegroups,/betwee, rurer aCt en"lesPa big gapPfrom rms lment >ttended-byerms horn middlind,vsmeea  Communic"ble dvseasesPremcd, the majh1 cause/ofhillness. Durmp; rms nextn5 ro 10 yocks, exis/?p; pcogcammest>rs likelyerchelimina/ee awio >sms. Ha> >CONeofhTB by-h220.PRnstruc urmp; rms workCONeofhm"lari> by-50 pe/fbme hh1 moreewithd, a>decade. Cmildhood diarrhty, a<"po temajh1 cause/ofhillness,Pcanebs largelyepchvme ed rmrournecommunityP>s I0-cd=" sc/een?p;"pcochdures. Gienn rms pcoje"/nomimRrovnome niD livtp; st>"ch.sarchhealth cait "mop; "ll lmentsnof rms popul" t0<, NDdrao" tc pcogch.s canebs achimend in> ND NDr"dusmp; rms pcetalmeONeofh.overe und t-nutriti0<"d, "hildrenhsubstae werlyeby-h220.PAlrmourn y-lvurseexpend effe"/tvNehealth cait smenus, Rrovtdep; uni-2rser a"ch.s, fairedi.dtibut20tten"tonerc vulnh/"ble groupsPsuchha: wsmen, children,Prms ag h >st Cme ury. The vsarwndous "dvaCONome Pof sci>CONeaCONea_Deve'snexpeth rm>trofhKorea,/needsProebe "o ND An"po teh.searwer chConreome /iseroeimRrovn rms liSSage betwee, beornology dment Home P>pplic" t0< by"fostermp; closeeriesPbstwee, basicPch.oarcrt>   ND_Deve'snurbteoRdpul" t0 ND placmp; iDvitys?p;"strain-on rms country's urbteoinfrastruc ure. cl>Fu ure growtrti: likelyerchcnccme re ePd, andnarourch70elargePcitiesPhav?p; a Rdpul" t0 ND Hom#_msocom_2""onoouseitl="msoCommme Htde('_com_2')e="Contac_mso"nchor_2""onoousei-2r="msoCommme Sha>('_"nchor_2lf')com_2')e=de-2_"nchor_2""en" uage="JavuS>[GJ2]h1> PDebme reris" tit/ofhmunicipal gr-2rnaCONP>rs likelyerchd,vitysNerms dispartty betwee, bms larger >ul" tit/ofheffe"/tvNeytions/powinies roeacchlh/" e all-rouHashionerms rolinof rms sn"le a: elohffe"/tvNefacmlit" oterchcompens"lem

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hav?p; a well-dment Hiomnetwork/ofhroadsPad"Co" s capacityerchhandlehrms growtrtieotranstitlPdmnted. NDTms volumeeof road rraf Cotwill"mul iply atitl ftvN-fold,Pcarrieom0 70,200 kmsmnetwork/ofhn" titer hornways. Sn"le hornwaysPwitrt>t l--duatwo>way l> ND Rurer roadsPwillhpcovtde ecch.sarchrms furpo s P">Alymp; villages. Teornologicertrare Rdlluetonefreu >Ct.iAnoef Coi>Ct ptions/transtitlPsmenusPwill"l-->tr"o-cd=",ainl>   NDnoter inv"stome nchConreome s rchmeeE rmssePneeds> ND NDwill"i,vitysNero lmentsnrmree rchfou1 tie"sehorn termannpch.oe PlmentsniD r"er rou w.> ND Wmile rms go-2rnome Pwill"vsarwndieroebea" majh1 sin ceeof "/tvNei volveome /ofhrms pclvursese"/oknd, rms deent Home P>  Ecs< growtrtisadrtvNtrpa>Ct and eaIs Rd=sible. NDToter dem>decades, whichhwill" NDIi> ‘Business">s usual', tg snwill"r"sul iD a spi NDIi> Expandmp;edomesticaprodus I0< capacityewill"r"ConrePeubstae wer inv"stome s,Pwhile iDvitys?p;"depedoptiit-byerms Rtions/>ofhbns/-pc>"/tcesPaCdlyereornologies, moreeef Coi>Ct use/ofhenh/gy, pcomo ?p; pclvursese"/oknd,v"stome ,P> etite.

  NDGity"e/freliaCONm0<,PsPower ND _Deve-isealr-->y"rms world's fifthrlargestPpcoduser>ofhwtreeersohspr-->mp;. NDAn"o roaortrchalEcon" tvs eah/gy genh/" tonecould 15gne Coue lyeonduse _Deve'sndepeAflow of NDIi> n> mp; rme: RdlearwerPwill"r"ConreP"o"/ st/op;Pparticipa titPfrom rms pclvursese"/ok.

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tr_Deve-willhbead,-h220.PTwme y yocks-dl-rco lop;na decades"heCONm0 8"enes="ll wePhazardh"rpcoje"/20< ofhtms hard terchmeesure evoe ualities?

decade ofhtms 21st Cme ury liesPbehi barriek rm>tris ompenet/"ble byPst>tisticarofhwtdedpr--> famiCnwerlyedepewould beehav?p; 15gne Coue surpluses? Whoe"ould haveeae wcipa ed rms shee/f1peed-of Japa<'snriseaiD rms 1970s/>pristp; st>gn" t0s ro folnow just two>yocks-l" er? In 1983,nwhenr_Deve'sntotal softwait ed"ESEs werNm0yocks->would beere"ognised-arousea/majh1 IT Rdw2r? In ecklye1989,twho "ould fou2see-tma="bhu farleof bhu Bcolt& Wall,rrms endeof bhu Cold-War,rrms br--k up of bhu USSRn>would arleoccurawithd, 24 motrhe wasaun"ble rchgra.prrms "1h1oous RdlearwerPof rms _DEconethuntit it h-> >lr-->y"1pawned-a glob"l revolut20<. Tms growtrt/" snof ou1 cities,Pwhichhmirrorsaglob"l tretrwe Rredic ed just ftvs yocksP>go.

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"p ND < align-arign="c"a"p NDpment Home er Paramet7/l < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p ND_Deve> NDcl>aPch.oe < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p NDUMIeRnfer>CONe

ND< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Pr-2rty">s %eof Rdpul" t0"p 26< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 13< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Invsmeedi.dtibut20"p 37.8< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 48.5< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Unemployome P/" sn(%tofhlabou1 "p 7.3< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 6.8< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< MalNeadul ariteracy /" sn(perc"p 68< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 96< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< FemalNeadul ariteracy /" sn(perc"p 44< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 94< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Neuaprimyryeschoor"p 77.2< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 99.9< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Ptions/expes %eGNP< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 3.2< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 4.9< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Life expe"/aCOyeaeabirtrtieoyocks< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 64< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 69< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Infue mESEuli/a>/"rseper 1200 liveabirtrs< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 71< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 22.5< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Cmilommalnutri tit">s %eofhomilortp und t-5 yocksebasiom0"p 45< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lignp hhhhhhhhhhhhhh8< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Ptions/expes %eGNP< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 0.8< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 3.4< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Commmrower eah/gy "o"p 486< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 2002< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Ele"/ricapo>"p 384< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 2460< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Telephaneseper 1200 Rdpul" t0<< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 34< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 203< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Peks0<"l computerseper 1200 Rdpul" t0<< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 3.3< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 52.3< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Sci>Ctes sn& e12ines"s ieoR&Deper mill20< pdpul" t0<< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 149< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 590< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Sm"/okal Composi toneof GDP ieoperc"p Nr /p 28 Nr /p 26 Nr /p 46< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p Nr /p 6 Nr /p 34< align-arign="c"a"p 60< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< InEcon" titer rrade>in grods">s %eof Rpp GDP< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 3.6< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 35< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< Fh1eignedire"/ inv"stome n>s %eof grosse"apital "p 2.1< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 24.5< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="381"hvArign="top"lignD< GrosseFDIa>s %eof PPP GDP< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="91"hvArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 0.1< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="152e=vArign="top"lign-arign="c"a"p 3.5< alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignDWorldPpment Home PI,dtce orsI/i> (2001), Tms World B"SS.

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"himeeeit now /" n termannssmerie"hl" er. p aligh1D a"form_i_Toc24458654e="Contac_Toc24458654e>h1> a"form_i_Toc26694199e="Contac_Toc26694199e>h1> a"form_i_Toc23404810e="Contac_Toc23404810e>h1> a"form_i_Toc3975299e="Contac_Toc3975299e>h1> 2.hhhhhU,vsmm0syou ine n" titer dment Home Phaveech>t work,Pbe="rmsir rela/tvNecondtibut20lop;nsmenrar die"nstitsha: showD in rms figuit.


"p ND u>Shiftep; Deyou in"e seofhpment Home g/u>> ND< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"lignp ND iDMaeufac urmp; I/i> ND iD®I/i> ND iD®I/i> ND iDhServiONs I/i> ND iDI/i> < alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"lignp ND iDCapital onsin ces I/i> ND iD®I/i> ND iD®I/i> ND iDhKnowledgePonsin ces I/i> ND iDI/i> < alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignD< 

< dment Home . Tms pchdo in"eceaof agricul urePiD rms least dment HedPhcsCtly,PserviONs,n>sermsy move up bhu ladaerPof dment Home . Asermis occurs, rms oalesPof ecs< growtrtte<>y"bevsmeerms dh in"e Pco"count?p;"fokn46epe/fbme hofhrhePtotal, be="ilsa1har Pe: still"far benow bhu UMIeonfer>CONelmenthofh60 pe/fbme . Tms country now h>s rms opRESEunityerchskip tgs lop;tslow phaseaof ineu.dtieris" tit/rma="bhu maduadment HedPn" tons haveepassed rmrourn,PatrmeeE hentenneeds,rgenh/" seemployome P"o-2rtp; bhu la ge/unorganisiomsegmme hofhrms hcss replaONde"apital >s rms maduaimRESEue deyou in"e Pof dment Home . In aepa h br--k?p;"studyein mid-1950s,nNoben lauity"eeecsduaRobeSEeSolow showed-rmaeasmenn-eirnehnof rms growtrtofhUS from 1900 to 1950 wasa>"counted-fouhbyereornicardvaCONsein knowledgePgenh/" tone(i.N. R&D) ><0 n te30 pe/fbme hto >dvaCONsein edus" tit. Bet"e/fonsin ceamanag ome ,ewhiortis< plannnrs ait "ble rchesoupe from rmsir ecklie/ffaitrtieo"apital > drao" tc examRle hfhhow-rms inputnofhgity"e/fknowledgePinhtms of sca ceala .dtik?p; insEueONeof how-rms impESEueONeof henten"apital has"vsmeeroeacConrePaahorn teposi tonermannbhaE>ofhm" srwerPplantP>

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"p NDKnowledgePRevolut20< < alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"=vArign="top"ligulligli>Ø Byeone recØ Mod tn maeufac urmp; ineu.dtios depes muchhØ ThePserviONsese"/ok, whiorth>s rms gity"eduaRdlearwerP

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NDcl>'snr" snof ecs< growtrt"anebs subsEue w"rlyeinvitysNd if rms country bevsmes >rsupe/pa>   a"form_i_Toc23404811e="Contac_Toc23404811e>h1> a"form_i_Toc3975300e="Contac_Toc3975300e>h1> Thus far,rrms polearwersPhaveebeen-narrowlyein rms exteestit >ul" e tms dment Home Prfmato tese"/oksPofhrms domesticahcstr"urrme lyeseparatus tms >dvaCtag h >dvaCtag h of ou1 n" tit. Ap>itPfrom genh/" tp;"new employome PopRESEunities,rrms applic" t0< ofh_TP"anevastlyeexteea >"ch.s"ch.s"count"bility aul" e dmmocra tcsea/speow Cotse"/ok, eD rmis r tESE,"weehaveecmoseCt h-->mp;s, like employome , hdus" tit, infrastruc ureP>trwe pd=sessein abu"p NDKnowledgePResin ces§ NDTeornology /liligli>§ NDOrganiz" tit> ND /lilig/ullig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"=vArign="top"ligulligli>§ NDIn ND /lilig/ullig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"=vArign="top"ligulligli>§ NDEdus" tit> ND /lilig/ullig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="600"=vArign="top"ligulligli>§ NDSkirls> ND /lilig/ullig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignD< ND iDTeornology i>: I/i>KnowledgePinhtms s openio up bhu apRESEunitye

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Ctlye>s muchh>s reornology. Weehaveerms opRESEunityerchfashionenew >   ND i>In i> i>: I/i>Physicer<>g>CEsg>CE-rco atr"aralyst e: inCte CotaCtes ro1 "n e12ines"hto >dopt new innov" tits >pplic" t0disse in" nd ytions/inrhadpital oknmedicerdvaCtag aofhptions/pcogcammms. InCONm><02en,PRcodus IIs advaCONome .

 Tcday, rms aenrage _Devets >"ch.sdvaCONdPn" tons a few>decades"ago. Tms fairlyeeasy >" plaONderms worldP>t ou1 fip;ertips. Spr--> of indvaCceome aof telecommunic" t0<020s well">s rms reca   ND i>Edus" tit> i> i>: I/i>Wm>trishtrue of ins well. Disse in" t0< of useful in"cumulaEedeknowledgeP>CONnofhpast genh/" tonsero-itsPyouth inha systema tc<>"ch.sCONn>dvme hofhrms _DEconethtma="en"bleseuserchreach>oe="rchsin ces ofeknowledgeP>rou   ND i>Skirls> i> i>: I/i>Pcodus IIs skirls <0 n tecompanee hofhrms reowous hentenonsin ce-rmaeawNecability rchdire"/ hentenenh/gy ef Coi>Ctlyerchachimen desirable goers.PAela ge/ch.oren nofhurhugNea=set.iItPtakes both knowledgeP>s well.

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 Historicarly, dment Home Phas occurrea und teconai titsPd, whichha" re.dtic/ea tcha"rela/tvNlyhsmallrpESE20< ofhtms Rdpul" t0<. Tms disti: aPonsin ceamakesPdEhRd=sible,a


< diseasNs->  Tcdayh_Deve-is rhePsecona maduapdpulouse"ountry in rms world,awithhabitl 1.04 bill20< p<0 n te300-350 mill20<, eD dpitehofhcondinuouseeffESEs/"rss.i Tmosmwould raisee ms"totalrpopul" t0< rransit20>>/"rss-a of itselmenthepe1941Pas nearlyedoublededurmp; rgis p/"rss-haveebeen-followed-byeanste->y"declineain birtrt/"rss,Pbe="rmi: declinePh>s nouabsen a: steep">s rms ferl-inedeatrt/" s; eve, af"e/fr"a"hing/"rss, tms Rdpul" t0<-willhcncrwndi-to grow"bevaussnof la ge/numbers offyou  While a=sess?p;"fu ure pcospe"/s,ail is nech.s"ryerchrakeeintchaccoun="bhu vast regtiter difes">CONsein dmmograph>< paramet7/l. Popul" t0s rec>Ctlyedechlh/" edabenow 2 pe/fbme h

8"eof rms country. Smenrar sn"les iD ssuth Ipeve havs alr-->y"r"a"hed, h1 ait "boe="rch>ttain,rm>trwould ensure a zero ;iowtrt/" snof Rdpul" t0<-iD rms ldp; rut. OD rms 0 n temand, iD manytsn"les iD north Ipeve, chara"/erised-byehorn fertili/a>/"rss, itnmayerakeesmenrar decades"rchreach>rms r"plaONome PlmenthofhCtwersPd,hloentsnrfmmoSEuli/a, espeow"rlyein infue >  A="bhu n" titartlment,ntwo "rEcon" s scenalios

< goersPof rms N" titartPopul" t0 ND.r Und tethe onywisticascenalio65"foknmalesP>s g/sup> Cme ury.

s gtvNnein Table 2.

"p NDTable 2: tPopul" t0[GJ3]h1> "p ND2200 < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p ND2205 < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="84" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p ND2210 < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p ND2215 < alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p ND2220> ND< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lignp Total< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 1210< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 1293< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="84" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 1175< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 1256< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 1331< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lignp Und te15< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 361< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 368< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="84" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 370< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 372< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 373< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lignp 15-64< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 604< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 673< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="84" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 747< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 819< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 882< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lignp 65+< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 45< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="96" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 51< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="84" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 58< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 65< alig/tdligtdhwtdth="108" noWrap="true"=vArign="bottom"lign-arign="c"a"p 76< alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignD< Scenalio 2225", _Dstituee of Ecs< Growtr, New   


: againstPrms Rdpul" t0<"growtrtofhmuchhlo>aI A: showD in Table 2,cl>ail is expe"/nomrchriseefrom 604 mill20 ND.rTmis riseewillP>ccme u" e tms aCONeof tgsse age struc ur"l ch>COyt/" ion(/" ionof non-work?p; ageapopul" t0mp;"rchrms laun"hingCOy, aCtly,Pa"grow?p;"stocktof surplus fhoa graiesebyhtms mid-1970s. Happily,Psuchh>"bhre>trno ldp; teexes sn

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"p a"form_i_Ref3080633e="Contac_Ref3080633e>h1> FigureP1: Currme &ePcoje"/ed Fhoa Pcodus I0< vs. Deoand in 2220



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"p a"form_i_Ref3080670e="Contac_Ref3080670e>h1> NDTable §- NDCommmroweraagricul urN §- b>Agro-opeu.dty<&eagri-bus?pess§- b>AffESesEa tit"

§- b>Retailo>§- b>Toerism§- b>Housipg§- b>Const/us Ion§- b>Garmse Pineu.dty§- b>Oto tesmallrscale &emedium ineu.dtios§- b>IT &eIT en"bled"soreices§- b>Edus" tit"§- b>Health§- b>Fin"nowerasoreices§- b>Trans"ESE §- b>CommunicaE20§- b>Community soreicesaI






p>   Sin ce: Compiledefrom Plannmp; Commis020< docuome s.

tcha"s5gne Coue growtrtin hn-farmaemployome PopRESEunities. Ha><020s comta/ea withh70 rch80 pe/fbme hd,-countrwesPsuchh>s Brazil, Malaysiyt>dai tital off-farmajobs. PowiowesPare in rou wiof l>gri-bus?pessncould genh/" smmill20dai tital jobs.

ity (abitl 71 mill20n imRESEue oole>in enviropome er suduainability atrlieaoutsidePrhu n" titartdai tit tch30 mill20<0e,Prms "ountry isea/neuaimRESE t<0e ofhwasteladai tital aitytplaONdeund teRlat a tit"of s bamboo, ccsuarmpa, hus"lyptus o1 oil-bearmp; Rlat sncait ris?p; ana 0 n tesec/okstofhbhu ecsit dment H?p;.


ffESesEa tit.iIDvitys?p;"pcosperin agricul urePwillhn" urerlyel--> tchrms growtrtofhnhn-farmajobs in agri-ineu.dtios,hagro-bus?pessnana 0 n teoccupaE20s g/sup> Cme ury, opvitys?p;"domesticadeoand foknmaeufa"/urea produs s/> ND.


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rsohbe constder dh>s a<"lly,P"vailPof rgePsoower opRESEunities/>  _Deve'snedus" tit"systemPhasmed">Cce>aTms drop out>/"rs/was 40epe/fbme ha="bhu pcimyryPnmenthas citizens. Oe="of approxim" sla<200 mill20th sEuedard Rtions/exa in" t0<.

rsohdment H innov" tve approaches rchenhueONmknowledgeP>cConsit20/"rss,/byerms yock h216/tmsre-willhberapproxim" sla<500 mill20dvaCtag aofhrms soower ch><020/"rsstieocurer<>itys/is onePch.ul rfms?p;ls room schools,/withhfew reachtp; aidsha   ND

  NDA"hime?p;"10S pe/fbme henrolome PofhallrcmilortpPin rmu 6 rch14 yock age grouphis >n ambi tius be="a"himeablee;oerPfh1 h220> ND.-Tmosmmuduabe-couplnd withheffESEs rchopvitysNhtms CoalityP>< knowledgePbe="arsohwithhbhu valuesPas well">s >n alEcon" tveascenalio desigted-rchradic"rlyeenhueONmrms Coaarwty and<020roterPschool enrolome Pwould haveero d,vitysN bye75 mill20 ND.-Tma Pwill"chConre a"RcopESE20<" s ed"><020i ND. a"form_i_Ref3079399e="Contac_Ref3079399e>h1> a"form_i_Ref3079418e="Contac_Ref3079418e>h1>

  NDTable 4[GJ4]h1> - &nbt"ble bord t="1" wtdth="602"hcmllPadaing="0" cmllSpacmp;="0"ligtbodyligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"   < alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p b>1980 < aligs-arign="c"a"p b>Ac u"r < alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p b>2200 < aligs-arign="c"a"p b>E.tim" sd < aligs-arign="c"a"p b> < alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p b>22SS < aligs-arign="c"a"p b>Bus?pess-as "p b>22SS < aligs-arign="c"a"p b>Bsdu-case < aligs-arign="c"a"p b>Scenalio < alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"  PcimyryPenrolome P(1-5)< alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 80%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 89%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 100%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="105" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 100%< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"  El ome yryPenrolome P(1-8)< alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 77%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 79%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 85%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="105" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 100%< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"  SeconayryPenrolome P(9-12)< alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 30%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 58%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 75%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="105" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 100%< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"  Drop-out>/"rsP(1-5)< alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 54%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 40%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 20%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="105" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 0%< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="213" vArign="top"  Drop-out>/"rsP(1-8)< alig/tdligtd wtdth="72" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 73%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="10S" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 54%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="112" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 35%< alig/tdligtd wtdth="105" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 0%< alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignp Sin cea: GarryPJacobs " Vi020rsohbe onConredtrcha"himeeerme/alEcon" tveascenalio,Pi.N.,eelimin" tp;"RrimyryPschool drop outs >Cce lment. Tcgetn t,/rmosmwill"chConre ahmployed. S?milarPi,vitysNsewillhbs onConredtauamiddle a changeain pedagogicerØ APshiftaØ APshifta

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 New msthodshof dmlivetamwillhbs particularlyepech.syryPrchaugome P>cch.sdvaCc ome ; a"p a"form_i_Ref3079458e="Contac_Ref3079458e>h1> Table 5: GrowtrtofhHorn teEdus" titartI &nbt"ble bord t="1" wtdth="600"hcmllPadaing="0" cmllSpacmp;="0"ligtbodyligtrligtd wtdth="96" vArign="top"  Yocks< alig/tdligtd wtdth="156" vArign="top"  Colleges fokn"p 370< alig/tdligtd wtdth="204" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 208< alig/tdligtd wtdth="144" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 27< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="96" vArign="top"  1998< alig/tdligtd wtdth="156" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 7199< alig/tdligtd wtdth="204" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 2075< alig/tdligtd wtdth="144" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 229< alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignp Sin ce: Deta/tome Pof Edus" tit, Gov/. rfm_Deve.


  ND_Deve ND.-Aan" titer petwork of communityPcolleges, s?milarPrchrms hornly su"ch.sfurhAmer

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it dmlivetedtauaa disdaCce rmrournealEcon" tveachannnts. nms rradi titers tublishers, fh1-Rcofi assisdaCce and foknsubje"/shrha h?pvolve"hands-onCtnieotms wayhiteusesmrhumbie"nofhbothhreachers >CON showshrha a"omput tchmuchhfastetP/"rss->mp;"as medici   NDOu1 ei020 ND.-Ase_Deve'sn_T revolut20Ct spmschstwill"depeCtea  Furr dment Home hrfm_Deve'sne1h1oous huntenRdtearwer will"chConre a"shiftaiD n" tital prioriDv"sts 4.1epe/fbme hofhGNPPoeohdus" tit. Tmosmcomta/e: unfavin "blyhwithhbhu UMIhchCce lmenthofh4.9 pe/fbme ,/espeow"rlyewith oountrwesPsuchh>s Sinth AfrA>nearhdoublmp;Pof iDv"stome snieohdus" titPis

s g/sup> cme ury. nms cncrwndous >dvaCc ome "of sci>CON">CON">Ct. Ahla ge/numberPof rhePcountry's approxim" sla<500 engtpe2rtp; colleges need-rc"be upgradedtrc"CoalityPsEuedardshnearer"rchbhosm"ofhrms _ITs,Pa  _Deve'sne1h1oous ntepo>Ctests >Ct Kalam obsorend rma h_Deve'snhuntenonsin ceabas ais onePofhotsngity"eduacoreecomtetencies. Tmisrishtrue inhabsoluts tou s,Pbe="ashah th ofhrhePUSth ofhrhePKoreaCtests >CON">th ofhrha="rfmKorea, 1/250th ofhrha="rfmrms USA,n>th ofhrha="rfmJapan. Morees5gne Coue ly,n>t/a>< enh/gy,aspace/>CON"ch.oa ch accoun="

ll"centrartspeed?p;"itPsci>CON">CON">Cte Cotoutpu rin 1998/was onlye1.58epe/fbme hofhrhePworld'sntoter. Oe="of 5,00,200 new pateetmapRlic" t0yock, Chin"t>ccoun=sn



Cte Cotch.oa ch organisaE20Ctests,nwsnhavePpot bsen able tchexteed thehmaome umhofhGrsen Revolut20Cte Cotpca"/icesPofhoer/CON">Cce lment.

Cte Cot>Ctests >Ctests in-univers?tiesn>llenge >ssumpetitsPand iCte Cotknowledge. O n tecountrwesnhavePdone a muortbet"e/fjob/ofhpcovid?p;"iptimum ?pcsn/tvNsnrchrmsi1 sci>Cte CotcommunityP>CcePand iCt se snofhskillsP>Ct cul ure. Manag ome Pofhreornology deoandsh?pnov" t0<,nglob"l comteti/tvNpess,n>ca"/eristics thauaareedifeicul to fost7/eund teasoc/oks. _f"rms n" titer R&Dnbodtss-doPpot reorganiserrmemselvNsnrch change.hGr>ss-roothconsul "pcy apcoje"/ consul "pcy, d,vludtp; Rcoje"/ impl ome " tit/ain deoand.

ND.-Inmrms USA,n>hla ge/RcopESE20Cte Cotch.oa ch a="bhu univers?tyelmenthis fin"nosd byebus?pess,P>mp;"univers?tiesnop t" smteornology incuba/okstdesigted-rchRromo e commmroweris" tit/ofhnew produs s/>CcePand Teornology Entr tchneur Parksn(STEPs) hasmbsen su"ch.sfurhin promo tp;"apRlic" t0< ofhreornologies,hnew bus?pessnsEaru-ups,-arsohbevsmeea growtrtineu.dtyCt comRaniesnrirntlyeferl-und terms ce Ngota/ofhnew produs Pdment Home . VastrRdtearwer exes sn

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&nbs-arign="c"a"p a"form_i_Ref3079653e="Contac_Ref3079653e>h1> Figure 2: Projeo ea Po>uri >   

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"p a"form_i_Ref3079684e="Contac_Ref3079684e>h1> a"form_i_Ref3079839e="Contac_Ref3079839e>h1> Table 7: Projeo ea Fuel Dem> &nbt"ble bord t="1" cmllPadaing="0" cmllSpacmp;="0"ligtbodyligtrligtd wtdth="139e=vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p b>"p b>Coar "p b>(mill20"p b>Oir "p b>(mill20"p b>Gast N/f/p (bill20"p 311< alig/tdligtd wtdth="144" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 83< alig/tdligtd wtdth="192" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 21.5< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="139e=vArign="top"  22SS BAU< alig/tdligtd wtdth="125" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 688< alig/tdligtd wtdth="144" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 245< alig/tdligtd wtdth="192" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 70.8< alig/tdlig/trligtrligtd wtdth="139e=vArign="top"  22SS BCS< alig/tdligtd wtdth="125" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 538< alig/tdligtd wtdth="144" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 195< alig/tdligtd wtdth="192" vArign="top"&nbs-arign="c"a"p 64.7< alig/tdlig/trlig/tbodylig/t"blelignp Sin ce: BysNd 0uri > &nignp Thu growtrtieodem>   

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&nbs-arign="c"a"p b>Bio-Ma.s Po>  Ipeve hasm>pRroxima"elye50 mill20itystdem>rcaEed->s n" titer forests, >s Bamboo, Cesuarmpa >CtPtchgenh/" e/100,200 MWrsohhasmrms capacm/a rchgenh/" e/biofuntsnieoma.sIIeaCoantjatropa curcas) i>isea pl"ntmintrodusedrrcane, sug>r beetPand o n tecrops,hismano n tebiofunt withhenormoushRotearwer. IteccdvaCtag Pof bio-ma.s po>lope, be="<020rlh"ombiitys, asPdepis nomin Figure 6.hApRroprvete sE/" egieseand a" titsP>rs onConredttchaddrh.s rge va iousPfoums"ofhpowlu t0< inhnach>ofhtmsssrsec ors.hSEtis e/fenfokceome Pofhetviropome "r ongul" 20CtPrnchnslogies, > &nbs-arign="c"a"p a"form_i_Ref3080297e="Contac_Ref3080297e>h1> Figure 6: Projeo ea Air Emisst0 &nbh2D a"form_i_Toc26694221e="Contac_Toc26694221e>h1> /h2Digh2DWy"e/fManag ome PCtPtchmeet rgePdem>rready bevsme >Ct par snofhrms country and fokna/pumberPof rgePmajh1 metropowiEue >itys. Onlye70epe/fbme hofhrhePpitys"haveP""ch.s< sanita titrsereices. A la ge/pumberPof curerCt?find ssn ceaof safe drinkmp; wy"e/. GrPundwaEco rablesP>rs onsedtp;, c?vers<>rs sil mp;Pup,hand lnachmp;aofhchemic"r fertmlizeks ishpdwlu tp; drinkmp; wy"e/ supplies.

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"p a"form_i_Ref3080374e="Contac_Ref3080374e>h1> Figure 7: Projeo ea Wy"e/fCo   

ccoun=shfh1 4.8epe/fbme . Substd?sNd 0r CtPusm"ofhwy"e/ ie/agriculture, l-->mp; rchwy"e/-loggmp; aCOyPie Ipeve is estioaEed->t >rPunde35 tch40epe/fbme , which ismbslowtinEcon" titer sdaCdards.h NDGo-2rnome PpdwioiesPphed-rc"be rev?sNd tchpcovidePieONnttves/

CtPusm"ofhwy"e/, d,vludtp; apRroprvete wy"e/ pricmp; a  Ipeve ismnot poorPi<-wy"e/frnsin ces.iWma hit lacksPiserms "bmlCtlyhcap uret>  Bothhurban<>itys, rchcap uretrun-off wy"e/ durmp; rgePm0 ge/bothhsurf"ce wy"e/ >  A seriousPdegrad" t0s well">s sarinity resul mp;P  Giennmrms etormoushcoduaof majh1 wy"e/ projeo s,eemphasisPneedsdvocaEeshapRroach>rchwy"e/frnsin cesPdment Home PwithhaPrive/fbas>ntashaPpl"nnmp; unit.i ngsPPdwioy emphasisesncnmmunityPparticip" 20   a"form_i_Toc23404832e="Contac_Toc23404832e>h1> a"form_i_Toc3975321e="Contac_Toc3975321e>h1> Fot"bhu RastrfiftyPyocks, ptions/ioagi<" 20itysti systemP- cebme hestioaEesPpl"ce tme coduaat moreermannRsh500,200 crores<- >s well">s rms pdwiEic"r issumsPiDvolved haveebsen ph/cetvedtashseriousPobs asleserchimRlnmme " 20<. Howeenr,/rhePRotearwerhbinefi sPofhsuchh> systemPro rhePn" tit/arePso vas Prgatep "go" ts p oto.alsPdem>Ipeve Pcc &nbh2D a"form_i_Toc26694222e="Contac_Toc26694222e>h1> a"form_i_Toc24458676e="Contac_Toc24458676e>h1> L>  Yet rgePRotearwerhexes srfh1 drao" ts"rlyereversip; rgisnRat"e/< ge/grPundwaEco rables, >pRroach>rchl><, and RdwiEic"r pcieciples.

rEcon" tvePscena io. While bhu amount of larready mearw0rEcon" tvePscena ioPiserms ?pvityse in la"p a"form_i_Ref3080401e="Contac_Ref3080401e>h1> Figure 8: Projeo ea L>uri >   

tchforestrdegrad" t0  Combattp; tms pch.suretonhforedus onConres aPcombi<" 20itystshould bs brournt und tejoie hforestrmanag ome P>ws,hremoemp;"restri" titsP0rsohmedangerip; _Deve'snrichhbiodiversity.iMaintainmp; viable popul" 20rsohholdhvas PRotearwerh

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&nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975325e="Contac_Toc3975325e>h1> i>2.nnEcs< Ed"><020< i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Tms phenoome"r >chimenome shofhrhePlastrhalffbme uty haveebsen tms r sul wiof amfESEuitousPblendaofhforces-rms "bsmecePof amworldhwar,/rhePspread 0ffdemocoacyhrchcountrwes >rPunderhePglobe, risip; loentsnof edusa t0spir" t0dvaCc"sPieobhu soi>COen>CtPana s0phisEic"tedfhcs< >ofhtmsssrdriemp; fh1ceseshould cncrwnde ro exert sE/op; pdsi tve pch.suretfh1 glob"l ecs< ed"><020enragstraEe>ofh3.14epe/fbme hps iuadid ov t"bhu Rastr12Pyocks, onerc h>shan adai t0 &nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975326e="Contac_Toc3975326e>h1> i>3.nnGrowtrtofhWorldhTrade i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Worldhrrade gchw-by anh>enragstof abitl 7epe/fbme hpll"foums"ofhrrade barriers,/rheP omrgtp; instituetiter framework und teWTOPiselikelyero >"chlh/" e/rmehed"><020esPofhss"re arePbecomtp;Pd,vitystp;lyeimRESEue o n Ndusip; codus ana prices.hI,vitystp;ly, singlshcountrwes h1 eennmsinglshpcodusersParePbecomtp;Pglob"llyedom?p"e o nspeowfic pcodus caEego ies. Tmisrtrerready resul nomin glob"l surRluses inPcaEego ies suchh>s stent,hbas>< chemic"rs/>s well">s cheapdaed caEego ies ofhp odus sP> i>

&nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975327e="Contac_Toc3975327e>h1> i>4.nnGrowtrtofhSereicesPSec or i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Thu driemp; fh1ce fh1 ecs< growtrt>tainome > i>Tms ?pvorpor" t0< of sereicesPund tebhe WTOPframework hasmopennd up etormoushopRESEunities/fh1 hitherro non-rradable sec orsrro exp>crossnbord ts. Tmisrwillheth"noshrms Coality,< growtrt>rPunderhePworld. Aterms sams rie", rmeheffESEs-willhbs neednomro se"ur"h> lmenthplaytp; field > i>

&nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975328e="Contac_Toc3975328e>h1> i 5. OECD LabitteShartag s i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Demographic trebitteshartag s,Phpenmp;Puphuntcnsed"am>"chptr150 mill20bitteshartag sPwill"deent Hnin rmu OECD countrwes unlh.s immigra titPpowioiesP>re drao" ts"rlyeliberarisNd h1 la ge/pumbersPof m>rchloc" t0bitte"rs moduaattrac 2ve, which will"bs bineficwerh

bittesurRlus countrwes like Ipeve.

&nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975329e="Contac_Toc3975329e>h1> i 6.nnCapitalrFlows i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Thu new instituetiter framework will"pcomoeNes well">s RESEfowio.nCapitalrrichhn" titshwill"seekhcutrinv"stome nd"sttp" titshgenh/" mp; horner/ce urns. Tmisrtre i>

&nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975330e="Contac_Toc3975330e>h1> i>7.i nechnslogyh& Infrastruc ure i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Thu TRIPS will"pcomoeNeeennmfaster technslogic"r innoeut20<.hApRlica tit >crossninteon" titer bord ts will">rsoha"chlh/" e. Agricultureritys"suchh>s RcebisI0rEcon" tvePnt2rgy,agenhtic espeo s ofhrms glob"l ssciety,aespeow"rlyecnmmunic" t0<, m>Ctwfic chsmarch, edusa t0<, >rsohgrowtoapidla, thitrneit ismnot yet-cl--r>rchwma="edEcnt rmu OECD countrwes willhremoee/bhe barriersPand substd?esPrgatehtnde1 ed"ESEs-ro rhese markets. Howeenr,/_Deve'sn"bml< m>dvaCtag Pof lowtcodual>bitt,hwillhlim?t"s ccks, TVs, >itysti< which Ipeve hasmnot yet-sE/op;ly pdsi t0 &nbh3 a"form_i_Toc3975333e="Contac_Toc3975333e>h1> i>2.nnTrade in sereices i> i> i> /h3 nbsp;Thu WorldhB>l>bittethauacan"pcovidePanh>ttrac 2ve/commerciar enviropome fh1 rms cutsin cip; of m>< opRESEunities/exes mp; in rmu m>ineividu"rs/will">rsohinvitysN, ss rgate> s5gne Coue migra titPofhssi>Ctwfic,fhismaefield i< which Ipeve canhedcnt. Compu"e/is" 20<, cnupled-withhlow-coduaglob"l thlhcommunic" t0s softwaret>rready commalope willhexched-$1,200 bill20<, >ie/2200. Ip adai t0<,/_Deve'snest"blishedecrsdearwers>ie/IT >gnomrchdment Hna comReti tve >dvaCtag Pieocther fields, d,vludtp; o n tebraCOhesCtwfic chsmarch, espeow"rlyebiotochnslogy, medicmpe, phyrm"ceu ts"rs, >s well">s edusa t0<. Perfh1oaCOenin rmuss sec orsrwill"dependaonhrhePcountry's capacm/a rchgenh/" e/la ger/pumbersPof wmll-edusa Nd >Ctwsts, engtpeers/and Rcofesst0nd instituetiter inv"stome .mForeirnadirmct inv"stome n(FDI) ed">ttrac 2p; a grsy"e/fshare ofhFDIrflows.hTms sizu >< etviropome ,>rchcapitalisehon rmu a"chlh/" edhglob"l deent Home >cConrmp; >dvaCc"d rechnslogiesnin aPwid>rsohaspire rchbevsme >naimRESEue cncrtibu orarchrmehed"><020gtp; itsm>rready s5gne Coue >chimenome shin s Rhyrm"ceu ts"rs, biotochnslogy, software, sp"ce ana en2rgy. Aterms sams rie"hit canh>rsohrev?ve iEs-rraai t0 &nbh1D a"form_i_Toc26694226e="Contac_Toc26694226e>h1> a"form_i_Toc24458680e="Contac_Toc24458680e>h1> a"form_i_Toc23404836e="Contac_Toc23404836e>h1> a"form_i_Toc3975336e="Contac_Toc3975336e>h1> 7.i Pe"ce ana Se"urity< etEcopriseha<, technslogic"r and RdwiEic"r devnt Home Pof hnshbill20COe. Yet i Pisme.searwer rhatermiserurbul>COehbs man>gnoma< >llhourtpl"nsP>llhourteffESEs-tchevolvetispir" t0s well">s nd invsme opRESEunities/fh1 >rlh"itizens. Ourtedusa t0Ctwsts ana engtpeers/will"haveerchdment Hnaerschimenome inhn-2ryefield of endeavournwill"gcha lop; wyylyebelimendermatepov ttyebegetshviol>COe, be="ifhtmatrwsch rrue rmsnhviol>COe bothhwithin rgePcountry and >rPunderhePworldrwould be oapidla dimipishtp;, fh1 both Ipeve >nderhePworldrhaveP"ttainnd untcnsed"aCOe iwioften assocweted-withhhorner/loentsnof dment Home ,hbevausm"ofhrhePwid>nmp; gap tmatr omrges"betwsen pspir" t0ccomplishome s. Devnt Home Pl-->s/rchan awakespir" t0nd iniEi" tvePfh1 imtrovtp; rmsireliens. Yet,h>s iuatcocheds,/rhePgap betwsen rmosN r?stp; >spir" t0ns. Up/rcha pdinE,hrhePwid>nmp; gap ac s like a voltag Pd?fes">Ctiar,hinvitystp; tms force "vailable for pcogcess.iButrbeyondermatepoinE,hrhePwid>nmp; gap l-->s/rchinvitystp; frusE/" t0<,hres>Ctome ,hinst"bmlCOe.

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Ct?fyip; Rotearwers ana "nticip" mp; rms challengesPdoPittefu ure pcogch.sCt sec orsrofhrms n" t0s/phed-rc"be wovelysts.-TmatPwill"determmpeawhe n tewehregard rms follPwmp;PsEy"eome Pasmaepcom?stp; glimRsm"ofhwgateIpeve ccIpeve 22SS will"bs bustltng withhet2rgy,aentreprepeurship >nd innoeut20<.hTms country's 1.35 bill20

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&nbh2D a"form_i_Toc26694234e="Contac_Toc26694234e>h1> Annexurn II: h2Dign-arign="c"a"p No. M-110022/1/2200- PP

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s Chai1oa< u>

Member u>

1. Dr R K Pavh>uri, Dirmctor, Tat> En2rgy ResearchhIcstituee, New Delhi. /lilig/ulligor sdart="2e="ype="1"ligli>Dr. R. R"dhakrishna, Vice Ch"nosllPr, Andhra University, Vi0hakhapatfor.Dr. Panjab Smp;h, Dirmctor, Ipeven Agriculture ResearchhIcstituee, New Delhi. /liligli>Pcof.hAshishPBosN, Fh1oer Pcofessor, Ipstituee ofhEcs< Growtr, Delhi. /liligli>Pcof.hPraIiphVi0arve, Dirmctor, Ipstituee ofhEcs< Growtr, Delhi. /liligli>Shri K L-Tmapar, Dirmctor, Asian Ipstituee ofhTranspart Devnt Home , New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. PadymhSmp;h, Adai t0Pcof.hC P Ramaswamy, CentrePfh1 Pdwioy Research, New Delhi. /liligli>Shri K ChSmvarao"krishnan, CentrePfh1 Pdwioy Research, New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. V A Pai Pan>Shri. JasjiteSmp;h, Dirmctor, Ipeven Ipstituee ofhDef>COe Stud?es/>lysts, New Delhi. /liligli>Pcof.hV R Panchmukhi, Dirmctor-Genh/"l, Researchh>Pcof.hPhV, CentrePfh1 Pdwioy Research, New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. J S Rajput, Dirmctor, NCERT, New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. Prema Ramavh>Dr. Pr0Dr. Shoeun Ray, Co2.iTms Commit"eeewill"be sereiced by rms Perspec tvePPlannmp; Divi020s Se"retara rchtms Commit"ee.3.iTms Commit"eeemayhco-opt o n te xperEse>s a4. Non-ofeicwers shallhbs en"ContdttchTA/DAe>s Rermms.ible tchGrade IPofeiceks ofhGov tnome PofmIpeve/> u>Membershco-opted subsequen la u> b>

Dr. AmmteS Ray, CoMr. Garra Jacobs, Tms Mo n t's Sereice Society, Plot No. 4,hVenkat> Nagar, Pondicn try -h605011 /liligli>Dr. K, Popul" t0< Fhueda tit ofmIpeve, B 28, Qu ub Ipstitt0Shri R, B-4,hHiranya Apartome s, (ofehGrsenwayeRoad), MylaparN, Chennai -h600028 /liligli>Shri G N K" hpariy,"E- 190hGrsy"e/fKailasr, Delhi 110048 /liligli>Shri P Ch" urvedi, Chai1oa<, Tms Ipstt. OfhEngtpeertp;, Engtpeer Bhava<, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110001 /liligli>Pcof.hAmiEybh Kuedu, CSRD,iSchoor ofmSsciar Scienoss, JNU, New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. Krishun Sondhi, 7, Amrita Shmrgtll"Marg, New Delhi 110003 /liligli>Pcof.hRamaswamy R Iyer, CentrePfh1 Pdwioy Research, Dhyrma"Marg, Ch"nakya Puri, New Delhi - 110021 /liligli>Shri Anwar ul- Hoda, ICRIER, Ipeve H"bmtat Centre, LodhieRoad, New Delhi. /liligli>Dr. Nag sh Kumar, RIS, ZhnshIV B 4tn sup> Floor, Ipeve H"bmtat Centre, LodhieRoad, New Delhi 110003 /liligli>Dr. SaralahGopara<, 138 Va.ant Enclavee New Delhi 110057 /liligli>Dr. HiraeSmp;h, 183, Munirka Enclave, New Delhi 110067 /liligli>Shri M ChVerma, Advi0 t, MipisE/y/rfmLabitt, 1st sup> Floor, ShrymhShakti Bhava<, New Delhi 110001 /liligli>Shri M ChGupta, Dirmctor, Ipeven Ipstt. rfmPtions/AdmipisE/" t0<, Iperaprasthy,"EsEy"e, Rmp; Road, New Delhi 110022 /liligli>Shri HeS Saksena, Editor, Eastern Anrgropslogis , Lucknow. /liligli>Dr"Man>s Bhattavh>rya, Dy"Dirmctor Genh/"l, Dept. rfmTelecommunic" t0Shri Mah sh Kapoor, New Delhi. /liligli>Shri H Ramavh>Majh1 Gen.hSeS Sandhu, New Delhi /liligli>Shri Durgan>< Transfh1oa tit. /lilig/olligali 

u>Tms TermstofhRees">COehrfmrmis Commit"eeeare: u> b>


To tchparet>nhcutlook"fh1 Ipeve in 22SS,Pespeoierlyhfocustp; ophrms opRESEunities/>Tchetvisirphrms Rdsstbmlspeo s ofhhumanTchseekhinputs/from members ofhrhePCommit"eee>Tchcomehcutrwithha docuome Pon "_Deve:hVi020 u>LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS u> b>

Dr"Man>s Bhattavh>rya:mTelecom /liligli>Mr. P Ch" urvedi: En2rgy /liligli>Dr. SaralahGopara<: Empo>Mr M ChGupta:nGov tnaCcen(Rtionshed) /liligli>Mr. Anwar-ul-Hoda:o_Dteon" titer EcsDr. PhV RurerPcof.hRamaswamy R. Iyer: Wy"e/fn(Rtionshed) /liligli>Mr. G. Jacobs: Knowledge Society /liligli>Pcof.hAmiEybh Kuedu: Urbenis" t0< /liligli>Mr. G N K" hpariy: Wy"e/ /liligli>Mr. Mah sh Kapoor:hTranspart /liligli>Dr. Nag sh Kumar: EdEcon"l"Smctor /liligli>R K Pavh>uri: En2rgy, Etviropome m /liligli>Dr. J S Rajput: Edusa t0< /liligli>Dr. H Ramavh>Dr. R. R"dhakrishna:nn Fhod Se"urity, Nudti titP>Mr HeS Saksena:hVulnh/"blePGrPups /liligli>Maj- Gen.hSeS Sandhu: Oldb> Persits/ /liligli>Dr. S K Sarkar: En2rgy /liligli>Dr RohmteSarkar: FinaCciar Smctor /liligli>Dr. HiraeSmp;h:nSsciar Def>COe /liligli>Air Comdr. JasjiteSmp;h: Pe"ce /liligli>Dr. PadymhSmp;h: F ttmlDr. Panjab Smp;h: Agriculture /liligli>Dr. K. Popul" t0< /liligli>Mr. R Health /liligli>Dr. Krishun Sondhi: Ipfh1oa titeTochnslogy /liligli>Swami Agnivesh: ChildhLabitt /liligli>Mr. M ChVerma:nSsciar Dwomestit /lilig/olligali 

LEM Divi020<: Employome /liligli>Health Divi020 &nbhknSIZE="1" width="33%"-arign="left" />

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