• Any activity has a structure supported by several infrastructures.
  • Infrastructure has a way of becoming an activity sometimes.
  • It exists at the physical, vital, mental, psychological levels.
  • An activity emerges using the infrastructure in the society.
  • Infrastructures are created as demanded by an activity.
  • Infrastructures have a way of being essential or inessential.
  • Infrastructures determine the efficiency of an activity.
  • Infrastructures sometimes can, in their sum, be all the structures.
  • Activity, structure, infrastructure is the general composition of a field.
  • Infrastructures suffer only functional definition and not theoretical precision.

Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership The Mother's Service Society is an official partner in the Global Leadership for the 21st Century (GL-21) project, a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral project organized by the World Academy of Art & Science, the United Nations Office at Geneva and several partner organizations. WAAS arranged a five-day e-conference from June 15-19, 2020, involving over 225 speakers representing scientific research and educational institutions, civil society and youth organizations IGOs, nation states, and business, to highlight innovative strategies and effective principles to accelerate the emergence of dynamic global leadership for the 21st century. The project will culminate is a conference at the United Nations Office at Geneva on October 27-28, 2020, wherein a project report with recommendations will be presented to the UN, followed by other outreach programs.

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