Laws of Development

Some are physical laws and others are psychological.

1. Rich get richer.

2. Physical inputs will not be psychological levers as the development by administration tries (laws of one plane cannot effectively act on another plane).

3. Development is always (or at least most often) preceded by a favourable public opinion: The cycle of public opinion: Starts from the mass - changes the elite - the mass moves in en masse - the final sanction is accorded.

4. Development by an institution not an integral part of the society has the least immediate effect on the environment (TMV, Palur Farms, Mothers Estates till 1970, T.S. Rajan Farms, etc.) but in the long run the knowledge they offer is unconsciously and beneficially absorbed by wide area (CBE Agricultural College, Kadur Fruit Station, IARI's Punjab Agri University impact on Punjab).

5. Man, left to himself, is unresponsive to development opportunities, speaks in idealistic terms of being unambitious. If by some chance, he is given or happens to enjoy, however temporarily, some fruits of development; initially he takes it for granted. When it stops, he would not take efforts to acquire it but would demand he be given! This is a sort of awakening. After a long time this may lead to his trying to acquire the lost comfort.

Principle: Even if man has fully seen or enjoyed certain prosperity before he is mature enough to seek after it (psychologically), man cannot successfully strive for it.

A basic condition for successful development is social maturity to acquire it and not knowledge or even experience of the value of the resultant benefits.

(Examples: A college functioned in Cuddalore in the early decades of the century and a high school functioned in Tirupapuliyur. After a shortwhile they reverted to being a high school and a middle school. Till 1950 the high school was not revived and till late 60's the college was not founded).

6. If there is a belief that development is a function of capital, it is necessary to prove the extent of that truth. At best it is a partial truth; also there is another partial truth that capital is formed out of development. Of the two, in true historic perspective, it is development that has preceded capital formation.

Further: development by itself can create capital BUT capital by itself cannot create development. Capital formation is a logical, necessary consequence of development and not its primary cause.

7. Development easily takes shape in communities with energy and which have no earlier cultural endowments. (USA as against UK; Coimbatore, Salem as against Tanjore, Trichy, MDU) [i.e. mostly, present endowments are a bar to future ventures - such cross - section of population respond to development. Only that aspect of development becomes sufficiently accepted by the society. In other words, when the new aspect of development acquires a social momentum greater than the present possession, man is able to seek it].

8. Stages in which (material) development moves towards a knot of population (like a village or town).

a. News (knowledge as information) comes of another's development. Till that even touch another with whom man is in psychological relationship (like a relative, friend whom he can take as a rival) the news never interests him, never does he remember it.

b. Sees for himself the same development in a nearby area or in the life of one whom he knows. Here too till it comes to him through a psychological channel; he does not consider it with interest. When it does come, his vital gets prepared for the same development.

c. Development presents itself as a challenge when his psychological compeer has achieved it, preferably in his own place, in his own level, in his own medium, in his own context. Till then his energies are not released. Now the urge is felt. NOW he is fit for self-development. (All development is really self-development).

Challenge in:

1. accomplishment

2. turning it into money

3. raising his status

Different societies respond to different challenges. Without the mental, vital preparation generally life does not present the challenge. If it does, man still accepts the challenge but he passes through self torture in the process of accomplishing it.

Equally true, when the opportunity for development teasingly presents itself in a field where he does not have the necessary skills. Here also, he accepts it and passes through a self-imposed torture. (Like a villager going to Engineering College or buying a watch he does not need).

9. After the whole population has taken to one form (or aspect) of development about 30-40% will lag unable to take advantage of the situation. Positively it may be because one essential skill may be missing or negatively one cardinal weakness may be there while the general endowment to move ahead is there. For all village boys, or for most boys, lack of English knowledge is one such (physical skill). For many, it is lack of self-confidence or clarity (like Danasingh or Ramamurthy). Negatively it is prestige like Rangaswamy's son. Like Surendran's offensive behaviour, the offensive behaviour, the offensive manner of uncultured but talented people.

Principle: In a climate of active development, a sizable minority of the population will be unable to participate in the movement either for want of a cardinal physical skill or due to the presence of a cardinal psychological weakness.

10. As in the case of felt need, any society will be able to develop only in the plane where its sociological skills are formed. For instance, the development activities that need the social sanction to contractual obligations cannot flourish in a society that does not have that skill yet.

Every successful development is necessarily preceded by the society acquiring the corresponding social character.

11. Development of a society or a nation by another in the past history was mostly accompanied by exploitation. [A certain amount of exploitation of the weak by the strong is always seen as a rule in the effort of development].

This has a limit, the limit being the point where the social organizational resources of the weak reach the stage of self-development. Beyond this stage the earlier rule works in the reverse, i.e., no development is possible till exploitation is removed.

12. Why should societies develop at all? Why should they not be static or stagnant? Where does the energy for development come from? When?

Society, as the individual, is a living organism, not a mere organization. It is in harmony with the physical (earth, mountains, lands, etc.), vital (water, air, animal, vegetable kingdom, etc.) environment.

At each level social collectivity observes and learns for a long time, lives its knowledge at a second stage and finally shelves its acquisitions to its physical possessions. At this stage it becomes curious again. The movement to its next stage begins. It is in three stages of mind, vital and physical.

(a) The laws of growth for the entire humanity, or a single nation or for a village society to grow into an urban community, in other words, the laws of the part or the whole are the same.

At its physical level it is intolerant, destructive, and impenetrable.

At its vital level it is jealous, competitive, imitative but always scandalous.

At the mental level it is curious, expansive, innovative, and tolerant. It is possible to find all the levels of behaviour in the same society and even inside the same family.

13. Development and Values: All values at one level are values of a cloistered society. Development being expansive in its physical mechanism naturally tends to destroy or erode all values preserved in a static society. Destruction of values is unhealthy but development rarely comes without destroying values.

It is inevitable that most of the great values will be destroyed by the process of development and they should be recreated at a higher level. (Currency is the best example).

14. Development climate and development of an individual by another

For one who works for development, it is best that he creates a system or scheme or a general opportunity which everyone can avail of. Development that issues out of such impersonal opportunities are less capable of counter reactions. The more impersonal a development opportunity, the better.

Efforts made by a single (or group of individuals) individual to uplift individuals or communities even when they are successful will not directly constitute a development effort for two reasons. When successful, this work belongs to the pre-development society and increases the social value of the pioneer. When either the work is unsuccessful (or when the work bounces on the pioneer), the psychological reaction of the unregenerate beneficiary creates a short circuit permanently preventing future development work.

Principle: Development is most desirable as impersonal opportunity. When it is personal, it is often counter productive.

Strategy through which this principle successfully works: Society does not generally take initiative, only the individual does. The individual cannot successfully take an initiative in affairs to which there is no social approval. This guardian knot is to be cut. By demonstration, the mind of the society (rather the resistance of the society is to be blunted) is to be educated. At this stage when the society will not crush to death the pioneering individual, an individual is to be chosen for initiating the desired act. This when it becomes socially desirable, society approves. All men follow suit.

When one wants to develop another [or the government wants to develop the people] he first emotionally identifies himself with the other and that is why he thinks of helping him. It is this sympathy that makes the help possible. In the natural set up - hierarchy - the advanced and backward persons belong to two different social levels. Psychologically it expresses itself as social superiority and inferiority which both recognize. Now if the advanced person tries to offer a help to the backward person an equilibrium comes into play at the psychological level. The poor man ‘feels' the rich is now his ‘equal'. As each material level of development is translated into its psychological version and prestige is higher than comfort, the moment the poor man ‘feels' the prestige of being emotionally equal to the rich, the psychological differential or gradient which makes the flow of help possible, disappears. The developmental offer remains unutilized. If pressed, perverse responses arise.

Solution: What is attempted is social development and not personal gratification for the doer. Therefore the psychological gradient (differential) must remain. The pioneer's emotional sympathy is the prime mover though it is the equalizer and neutralizer of development. Hence it must remain. This sympathy must be institutionalized through a scheme; the psychological differential must be retained by creating a psychological gap between where the recipient is and to where he can move. The catalytic action must be released by raising one of the poor to a higher level. The aspiring mass must feel that they are progressing by their own effort and should not be under a sense of obligation to an individual or an institution even if it is the government. If the population is cultured the other thing is possible and it will accept the help with gratitude to the giver. For these purposes SOCIETY does not seem to have acquired this culture anywhere in the world or at any time in the history.

15. Symptoms in a developed society:

In an undeveloped society there will be stray individuals who are capable of self-development inspite of the general atmosphere of lack of development. A developed society is capable of self-development while those around are not capable of it.

Most individuals - perhaps all - are endowed with some unique faculties which when developed will make them outstanding. Often they may be unaware of it. In beneficial individual frame of mind, he endeavours to foster it; in a (cultured) developed family, other members help nourish that faculty in an individual; in a developed society, the society lends all its moral, psychological, social support to such an individual's general development.

That social, psychological climate in a society which helps brings out (all) the unique endowments of each (or most) individual(s) and offers social recognition, psychological encouragement, and moral support is the true symptom of its development.

A highly developed society institutionalizes these supports and the highest society outgrows the need of even this institutionalism and makes it a cultural recognition.

16. Where Development is successful, to continue the process it is necessary that the results of development should be used to fortify life at the level in which development has taken place. Any effort to use the achievements of development to fortify, perpetuate, the present aspects of life will directly lead to the cancellation of further development. (Exceptions are rare; if any, will have its own explanation).

A villager who graduates naturally seeks the employment graduation offers and in pursuit of it he moves away from the backward life of the village and in fact village itself.

Introduction of tractor ploughing is to release the farmer from drudgery, primitivity and low productivity. This implies the ‘farmer' - man - is upgraded, developed. The ordinary expectation is the country plough will become cheaper and downgraded. That may be so if this effort is isolated. In an overall climate of national development the aim, the idea, the ideal should be that when tractor is introduced, the farmer who owns the country plough should also be upgraded and paid more. It looks ironical. In practice after the advent of tractor the man who drove the country plough now drives the tractor. Again the wages for the country plough has become Rs.12/- from Rs.2/-. If farmers introduce tractors and from out of the introduction they endeavour to lord over the farm worker more, it will not work.

The cry against inflation arises from the fact that MAN wants to develop and use the results of development to aggrandise his present life. It never works.

  • In the process of development from primitivity to modern life, there are several stages well marked. Maybe they are half a dozen or a dozen. It is possible to define these stages in terms of production, law, culture, education, beliefs * and all the rest. Surely they are well defined and marked and perhaps the same all over the world. As a historical fact samples of all such stages are still extant in today's world.

Each such stage permits a certain range of development embracing the above said * terms of social life. So also each stage refuses to permit another range of development.

It is possible to define each stage of development and state the corresponding stages of development possible and stages precluded.

It is also possible to list out hundred of omens and symbols that indicate each aspect of possible development at every stage and those that indicate the impossible.

17. Energies required for development varies according to situations:

a. The least energy is enough to add one more item in the horizontal dimension of any previously established work. [E.g. extending the railway line or mileage of roads or starting another university, etc.].

b. The next higher grade (or amount) of energy is required to start a field of work for which the whole society is ready. E.g. starting a university when the country is fully benefited by high school level of education or installing phones when commerce is developed.

c. The next higher level will be required if an isolated linear development is tried in a place. E.g. a high school is followed by elementary school in a place while all the area around has no education and later if a college is attempted to be established there disregarding the fact that the whole are is still not used to education and this town cannot support this linear expansion in an isolated fashion.

d. To start any activity like education or transport or trade with which the area is unfamiliar.

e. To start any activity like education or co-op for which the area has no REAL use.

f. To start any activity like education or marketing in a place which has the opposite line of life organized and therefore is either indifferent or opposed to the new activity. [e.g. to introduce education where the children start earning or farms do depend on the child members of a family or organize a Regulated Market where the cultivation expense is dependent upon the local trader who advances against the crop].

g. The greatest energy is required if a development activity is to be started in a place which has once enjoyed such a facility but has ruined itself out of mismanagement and now is content with ways of that misfortune. [E.g. To start indigo business in areas where it once thrived and now the place is in ruins. HMP belongs to this category in a great measure].

18. Status Symbol, Fashion, that which man imitates {the imitable) out of what he does not know, to belong to the Group (Group Consciousness), prestige, etc.

Each man lives at the level of his maximum social evolution, exercises his intellectual maximum, puts out his best social impulse. Man cannot do better. For any development effort from above - Govt., social apex - to be successful should be offered to MAN in the above life idiom. Otherwise the effort will evoke no response.

So, Fashion, etc. can be described as MAN's highest social comprehension institutionalized at the greater level of his enthusiastic emotional response.

19. Opportunities and their utilization determined by behaviour:

In a society men exist in several levels. These levels can be identified by levels of character (behaviour, will, alertness, etc.). Each level of social life DEMANDS its own level of character. In any society the population has settled down in several levels according to their character ability.

When drastic social changes take place and the society develops, hundreds and thousands of opportunities open up at all levels. The entire society unleashes its energies and tries to achieve its latent ambitions. The latent ambitions are attained in the measure these were latent strength of character and no more. The entire society is in mobility, an upward mobility. Some retain the heights they reached; others do not.

When a man accepts a higher opportunity, he must quickly endeavour to acquire the higher level of character demanded by that opportunity. In the measure he endeavours and succeeds, he retains it.

MOTHER: When a man comes to MOTHER, SHE opens up Life to him at the highest level he can reach if he makes an endeavour possible for his personality. Mostly men are unaware of the need to take effort and many resist such an endeavour. (The general rule is man hastens to exploit the new opportunity to assert his present level of life which he should shuffle off). Life settles down at the level of compromise. Always it is twice higher than his present.

20. Characteristics of mental, vital, physical planes, though they overlap in some areas, are in their essential incidence confined themselves to each plane.

E.G. Curiosity is a mental quality and the vital is not capable of it. Memory is a mental faculty and the vital functions on the basis out of sight, out of mind.

Jealousy is a vital faculty and the physical values possession and not so much the idea of jealousy.

Stupidity is a physical faculty and the mind is not capable of it.

21. Development of the best and worst part of the community:

When the aim is to bring equality of the population special effort to uplift the weakest section will serve the aim (E.g. Harijan welfare). When the aim is to enrich the nation, special effort must be given to extend the full support to the most developed part of the population (exclusive help to the Brahmins in education). The Govt. at times of crisis calls the richest company and orders them to execute a certain work in return of fast blanket benefits.

22. Growth and Development:

1. Growth is horizontal (or vertical) increase of what is already there. Development is the creation of what is new mostly in the vertical plane and rarely in the horizontal.

2. Growth is the unconscious change brought about by the evolutionary urge. Development is the consciously planned change to fortify and hasten evolution.

3. In Growth the resultant power exceeds the capacity to contain. In Development the capacity to hold is always greater than the power it generates, as it is a conscious process.

4. Growth is ascent. Development is general descent after the ascent in the individual.

5. Man, as he is created self-conscious, is meant to progress by development. Growth is for the subconscious animal kingdom.Man resorts to Development but growth presses from below and overtakes him very often. Man is human when he seeks development and slides to animality when he lets growth overtake him.

6. What is involved in Development?

a. Capacity for mental observation.

b. Mental capacity to organize the observation into a practically useful thought.

c. Capacity to initiate a hitherto unknown act based on self-conscious thought.

d. ‘Technology' at the level of functioning.

e. Capacity to persist in repeating the innovation (at the individual or) at the group level,

so that the innovation will come to stay. [This means the knowledge of the mind must be RELEASED at the level of the physical].

E.g. -- Groundnut farmer creating the institution of borrowing from the trader offering a lower price in return of guaranteed supply of produce.

-- The division of labour of the woman keeping house and man seeking food.

-- All systems of lending; all systems of leasing, hiring.

-- Festivals, reward of honour, punishment with fine, marriage.

-- All institutions in the society that make use of division of labour.

-- Cattle control from the crops.

-- Evolution of family, protection of the aged, weak, invalid.

-- All social disciplines like funerals, collective protection, collective building of tank, etc.

23. The processes and Laws of Development to be discovered are

the processes and laws involved in the creation of (1) individual institution (habit), (2) primary physical institution for production, (3) secondary complex social institution, (4) Higher psychological institution like language and the processes and laws involved in integration. (1) of any of the above two institutions, (2) Extension of any of these institutions, (3) integration of the individual psychology of the institutions, (5) enrichment of an institution by a greater base or wider application or by rising to a greater height and (6) evolution of a fresh institution of a greater complexity based on these existing ones.

24. Conditions that permit Development * A repetition of (5) above.

a. Generation of excess mental energy that seeks expression;

b. Matching outer physical necessity to the mental excess energy;

c. Mental capacity to organize its observation into a thought-system that is viable;

d. Vital endorsement of this thought-system, its enthusiasm for it and vital energy;

e. The above mental-vital creation should soak into the physical consciousness of the creator and move his physical urge and restlessness to accomplish it.


A. Society should have a use value for the end product at the level of its individual creation [Physical produce should be usable; vital story telling must be interesting; mental knowledge should be consented to].

B. For each level of institution, the foundational support from its previous level must be forthcoming from the society [Physical support for vital institution and vital support for mental institution, etc.].

C. The institution must generate the support in the physical plane (livelihood) for those involved in it by its functioning and frequency of use.

D. Support, cooperation, permission, consent and understanding of the various aspects of the milieu that comprises the society at the corresponding levels of the institution should be there for any institution should come into existence, function and become part of the life fabric.

E.g. Drama ( ) - The theme should be understood for appreciation. The theme should be consented to for performance. The idea of acting, conversion of a play into playing (sometimes with woman, sometimes depicting gods, etc.) should be permitted by the social consciousness. The very act of putting on boards requires the cooperation of adjustment with other activities, cooperation of the actors, space for acting, etc. The physical support by financing the play and all the other support for each performance and repeat ones.

25. The linear expression (equation, extension, development) of self-development (character) - social institution - social activity.

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Social institution

Social Development

1) Capacity to abide by law, custom, usage

Contractual arrangements (e.g. lease, sharing profits, mutual help in fields, etc., lending)

Able farm worker becomes cultivating tenant.

Idle money and honest worker float a partnership.

Fills up gaps in revenue, labour, ability.

Increased production in field and factory.

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Gifts in marriages

Ready financial help on the function day helping the institution of marriage to perpetuate.

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