Notes and Examples on Theory of Social Development

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Abbreviations of books used in these pages:

1) NPB/B by Brecher - Nehru's Political Biography

2) TCB - Twentieth Century Britain

3) RR - The Russian Revolution A very short introduction

4) VSI - A Very short Introduction

5) HTC III -- A History of Twentieth Century, Gilbert

Oct. 21, 01

Significance of the Theory

  • Theory arises only when man is awake in his thinking mind, having crossed mental sensation, observation, relating one observation to another, imagining, judging, and discriminating.
  • The first activity of the mind is mental sensation.
  • Mental sensation enables the mind to be aware of the environment.
  • Awareness of the environment is essential to protection and self-preservation.
  • The vital relates to the environment enjoyably when it is sure of protection that preserves.
  • Enjoyment of the vital is the enjoyment of energy.
  • Mental enjoyment excels that of the energy in that the currents of energy undergo a further change into mental sensation.
  • The mental sensation is the basis of thought formation though it does not compel mind to think.
  • Mind's sensation is of five types which are initially unrelated.
  • Coordination of these sensational experiences needs a centre. That centre is the vital ego in the mind.
  • Thought takes shape in the mind when its components of observation, imagination, judgment, discretion, discrimination, analysis, synthesis, etc. are well formed.
  • Initially when these are coordinated, the coordinating centre is the ego that becomes capable of responding to the outside.
  • Response to the outside at best generates the capacity for analysis.
  • Analysis, when it becomes objective, is capable of arriving at unity.
  • Mind is capable of synthesis, which is essentially an inner process.
  • Synthesis arrives at the inner unity in consciousness.
  • When the outer analysis reflects inner synthesis, the whole man is born.
  • A prior stage is Thought.
  • For thought to deserve its appellation, it must be capable of some unity between the outer objectivity and the inner subjectivity.
  • Theorising demands conceptual thought.
  • Thought rises from below from the experience of the body and the exertion of the vital.
  • They act and their role ends there.
  • Neither the body nor the vital is capable of a self-awareness that leads them to discover what happened or how it happened.
  • They act endlessly repeating their action and continuously learn whether their acts produced the intended results.
  • When the result issues, they repeat for further results. When there is no result, they repeat in the hope of producing results. Neither the body nor the vital thinks, but the energy passing through them acts.
  • It is the mind that records or observes their action.
  • Thinking as we use the word is the act of coordination.
  • It is the energy of this mental coordination that attracts the thought afloat outside and bothers the process of thinking.
  • Concept formation is thought formation.
  • Thought begins at the primary level of the first observation and proceeds until it can mature into will for action or thought that perceives the process of the act. Its final stage is its conception of the Absolute that moves.
  • Our concern here is the concept formation that is capable of discerning the process of the act it takes note of so that a THEORY may be fashioned out of it.
  • The process is the mind consciously looking for a process and a theory of that process.
  • In nature, it happens unconsciously over centuries or long, long ages.
  • That is a process of trial and error.
  • Trial is there when you aim at a goal and you know a goal is there. Before that, every move is an act and it is neither trial nor error.
  • The whole civilisation built up now is as a result of such efforts of Nature in us which, having stumbled upon some goals, went after them for repetition and consolidation. Nature acts and delights in acting. It learns in the process of acting which is incidental. It is not necessary for Nature to learn as it enjoys the very acting.
  • Learning is a natural sequence which will rise at its own time, but Nature is not seeking for it or it does not know of such a goal.
  • Man, who is a creature of Nature, acts, enjoys, survives and exists as Nature has infinity before her.
  • Nature's process of learning, which is really not aimed at learning, is spread over millions of years, and when it consciously tries to reach a goal, its errors are as many.
  • Man, the Nature in Man, takes over the effort when it becomes the unconscious effort of Man instead of the unconsciousness of Nature.
  • At a certain stage, mind was born and it slowly developed the capacity to observe the outside at a distance, as the sky, and the outside inside.
  • Astronomy and astrology were born thus.
  • Mind in man acquiring the faculty of thinking, seeing the outside inside himself, has become capable of another type of observation different from what man knew of until then.
  • This observation elevated man's existence. Copernicus's discovery is not out of the primitive sensational thinking, but out of the conceptual thinking that shaped in him.
  • Man thus arrived at conceptualising his past experiences.
  • Theory or theorising was born out of such concept formation.
  • Such a theory eliminates millennia of trial and error and directly goes into action based on theoretical knowledge.
  • When man, who had acted physically, moved to the mind after millions of years he became capable of thinking. Theory is the highest product of mind. Theorising is its highest faculty.
  • By moving from trial and error of the body to the thinking and theorising of the mind, man moves millions of years in the process of civilising himself.
  • In an act, there are three parts, one visible and the other two not visible.
  • Result is a visible part and is considered most important.
  • The process that brought about the result is occult to mind which when known enables endless results, while the result is a one time activity.
  • Behind the process is the man who puts in the process. As there is the man behind the process, there is the Absolute behind all the processes and behind the man.
  • To discover the man behind is to discover the spiritual Individual. To discover the Absolute behind is to acquire the capacity to monitor creation.
  • Theory formation results by the discovery of the process of an act.
  • The vast experience of humanity that civilised itself needs such a theory so that its future march can be conscious, error-free and swift.
  • Now that documented results are there in all fields, the raw material for such a theory building is available.
  • No theory issues out of the raw materials, but it does from the mind.
  • Theory, whether it is arrived at from below from experience or from above from thinking, serves as theory equally well.
  • To test the validity of such a theory is not difficult.
  • The significance of the theory is different from the significant uses of it.
  • That man has moved from the bodily functions to thinking is its primary significance.
  • Theory is a pure mental activity that codifies the physical acts so as to extract the process by which it resulted.
  • It abridges Time in a vast way.
  • It eliminates errors in an enormous way.
  • It brings the next millennium or the next century now.
  • By theory building and acting on its basis, man ceases to be an active animal and starts being a thinking human entity.
  • The physical tragedies and vital sufferings are changed into mental obstacles and confusions to be sorted out by thinking.
  • Psychologist Kurt Lewin says, "Nothing is so practical as a good theory".


Oct. 26, 2001


Internet and Computer are Mainly Organisation

  • Organisation is the middle stage in which act is the first and value is the last.
  • By organisationwe mean the execution of an act is efficiently coordinated with all its parts and agents effectively in Time and Space.
  • What gives the organisation its power is the sequential arrangement that yields the result.
  • When a work is to be done at one point at a given time with the help of 2 or 20 other forces at various other points, all those points and their work are to be in tune with the first point in Time, volume, quantity of material, and quality of coordination. When they are only points of supply, it becomes possible in one sense. It is not always so.
  • The advertiser and the newspaper are examples of two different organisations producing their own product but relating to each other in advertising.
  • Here the internal organisation to coordinate with the external organisation rises in quality, if not in complexity. It is the beginning of integration.
  • Organisation converts the productive energy into productive power.
  • This process of conversion of often done by a machine or a system or an organisation of several systems.
  • Energy before it is converted into power undergoes that change which makes it into force by direction.
  • Mental energy becomes a power of education by the organisation of the mind.
  • A lone thread becomes the power of a pattern by the organisation of weaving.
  • An event becomes news, sometimes a news essential to making the public opinion by the organisation of editing.
  • Data becomes information that is useful by the organisation of statistics or a theory in the field.
  • The mechanical organisation of internal combustion engine converts the heat energy into power of movement.
  • Personality is the organisation that converts the life energy into power of inner growth.
  • To approach Internet and computer from this point of view will help us understand their structure, function, role in development and evolution better.
  • We see any new organisation gradually integrating with every existing organisation to further development and evolution.
  • The old integrating with the new is an entire subject by itself.
  • Taking the Internet and computer and tracing them as formed organisations from the very origins of their components and halting at every major point of its merging with the social forces, we will get a full picture of their history and growth.

Nov. 6, 2001

The Importance of Perfection being Perfect

  • Perfect Perfection was His conception.
  • In this world of ours, perfection is a dream.
  • To go beyond that will be to answer His description of the idealist stung by an indomitable energy.
  • Is there a truth in it? Or, what is the theory of that conception?
  • The smallest error at the bottom magnifies itself at the top many, many times. This is a theoretical fact.
  • In locating longitude by the difference between the local time and meridian time, a change of 1/10th of a second sends one floundering along. This is the experience.
  • Measurement of mountain heights in the 18th century that used the geometrical method of triangulation used rods of six feet long whose error was less than .001 inch over a distance of 7 ½ miles. The Himalayas were measured to be 29,002 feet at the peak of Everest, after thousands of such measurements confirmed the height. Modern methods that use the satellite, computer, etc. found that measurement of 200 years ago acceptable.
  • Today precision in instruments of microns are spoken of. The extraordinarily precise results of the computer is due to that physical precision which fits the description Perfect Perfection.
  • Scientific industry testifies to its presence, possibility and its practical necessity.
  • When Nehru proposed the appointment of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the palm leaf astrology "nadi jyosyam" read that "tomorrow a short man will be appointed to the cabinet as an important member." It was written 500 years ago.
  • Astrology can predict the meal one will eat a hundred days later.
  • If such a perfection is there in material science and subtle science, it is better we accept it as a reality without disputing it.
  • For one who has crossed the intellectual barrier in understanding The Life Divine, it is possible for him to know the contents of the book with that thoroughness. Three stages of such a perfection are:--

1. Holding the various aspects of the knowledge of The Life Divine in the mind as a precious possession of the mind.

2. To apply that knowledge to the planned description in the field well defined as conceived by the mind and work out their correspondences fully.

3. To have them well expressed in work in details during execution.

The first will break the ice and show the nature of expansive force. The second will concretely achieve the impossible as a one time miracle. The third is a permanent possession of it as a power of organisation.

X - Authority

Point No. 9: Authority exercised in utter freedom is that of the emerging Godhead.

  • This idea is rephrased as the other man's point of view.

The story of the British headmaster acquitted and exonerated for not taking his hat off to the king.

The ‘Hindu' dated 18.1.01 under "Fifty years ago" has a news item. "The House of Lords, the Supreme Court of England, having listened to the appellant counsel for over 7 hours, said to the opponent lawyer, ‘It is no longer necessary to listen to you'". The other man's point of view so well developed by Law at the lowest court had not matured to its apex court.

  • King George when he became mad the whole palace showed him the same deference as when he was sane.

He had 15 children. When he regained his sanity the Queen told him as others' opinion that he should have had other women and been normal!

His loyalty to her created a tension that resulted in madness.

  • The extent to which physical pressure succeeds

Prisoners of war revolted in camp, arrested the American Camp Officer, demanded the right to have a communist organisation fully equipped with telephone and mimeograph machine. The Vietnam authorities conceded the demand and secured the release of the officer. This occurred in Vietnam after firing killed 75 prisoners (P.6, A History of the Twentieth century Vol. III - HTC III).

Form of Government

The world is painfully but actively searching for a right form of government for 50 years and in the process has activated fragmentation. Maybe in this effort about half a million and 1 million men died as heroes and victims. The right form of the government should have the authority the population will enjoy in terms of the comforts they have. Instead of trying to discover it physically or by aid or tyranny, the MIND can arrive at it easily.

- 760 TCH III) The Israeli Prime Minister Peres told his Palestinian opposite number Abu, Ala'a "The fate of Gaza can be like that of Singapore. From poverty to prosperity in one sustained leap".

- There were no kings in Germany. p. 22, HESP

- In the film "Catherine", the lady-in-waiting suggests to her that she could conceive to another person. Catherine consults her lame friend, the British ambassador. He says the suggestion should have come from the Queen. In a royal palace, even a suggestion must have the sanction of Authority.

- p. 229, TCH I, A station master in Japan committed suicide when a train in which the Emperor was traveling was delayed twenty minutes, having jumped points.

- p. 361 (TCH I) The French officers in WWI had orders to shoot their African soldiers if they were found retreating from the front. It is the authorityof death punishment that made the soldier fight bravely.

- p. 238, Supreme Court Reborn. North Carolina State Legislature enacted a law that offers death punishment to anyone who criticizes the state government, however mild it is. In 1735 the right to criticize the government was established by acquitting an editor for libel.

- p. 191 Winston ChurchillIV. Northcliff, the owner of three dailies, promised Churchill that all his newspapers would do what he wanted. There was NO editorial independence in 1919.

- In a democracyruled by the Parliament and run by the Civil Service, we must remember that ALL decisions are the decisions of the Prime Minister. Any adjustment must be made ONLY by him. The organisationof democracy, be it noted, has the power structure of monarchy.

- C. Subramaniamtook over Tata Steel Company when he was the Industries 1987 Minster as he felt his authoritywas not sufficiently respected. Tata had to have it reversed by the Supreme Court. The person who wields the authority of a post identifies himself with it so much that he can at no time see himself devoid of it, long after his retire must.

Power once held is felt forever

- P. 139, 'An Introduction to Social Anthropology' - Lucy Mair (S.A./L.M) Pre-literate societies do not enact laws - they issue commands.

- P. 33 Vol. IV HESP. When William IVspat out of the window of the state coach, a reproving voice from the crowd said, "George the Fourth would have never done it".

- P. 49 Ibid. "The fact is, people like a certain degree of obstinacy and presumption in a Minister. They abuse him for dictation and arrogance but they like being governed". Robert Peel Prime Minister of England said.

- The desire of being governed is subconscious.

- Abusing for dictation is of the surface.

  • Penderel Moon says the policemen stopped saluting him, the Revenue Minister of state, while the Hindu population was uprooted.

XIII. Role of Family, School, Society and Individual.

Society creates the individual and submits to his leading it.

  • Privacy in not opening others' letters enables individuality to grow.

- Dr.Thorne--Frank's mother refuses to read Mary's letter.

- Scarbourough's Family--Florence's letter are not opened at Brussels.

  • Refuses to receive moneyfrom others.

- Middlemarch- Will's refusal of the banker's ₤500,000.

- Phineas Finndoes not want Madame Max's money or anyone's recommendation.

- George refused Alice's money until she agreed to marry him.

- Burgorefuses Planty's money.

- Mr.Clennam in Little Dorritcould not accept Amy's offer of her wealth.

- 760 TCH III) 'Israeli Prime Minister Peres told his Palestinian opposite number Abu Ala'a, "The fate of Gaza can be like that of Singapore. From poverty to prosperity in one sustained leap".

  • Churchill

He called his wife cat and his children kitten. She called him pig. In a letter he wrote his wife, he signed by the figure of a pig.

XII - Stages 1 to 9

Level No 9, Point 1

Man begins his existence as physical existence at 9.

The adult power symbolises this.

Leadership goes by age except in extraordinary cases.

All followers of Gandhiji were his juniors.

Stalin asked Churchill not to boast about his age, as he was only four years his junior.

Until 60, one does not get office in Britain.

Age in matrimony does matter. Physically a younger man cannot be active with an elderly wife.

XIV - Superstition

No. 9

Not to see a strange phenomenon can be true, is a basis of superstition. (Making the unfamiliar familiar)

Today USA is the leader of the world, rather the cultural leader of the world. No one from India wishes to go to UK anymore. Migration from UK to USA is considerable. Just 150 years ago, here is an opinion of the English aristocracy about an American given to us in the words of a character in Trollope's novel Mr. Scarborough's Family on page 428: "An American was to him an ignorant, impudent, foul-mouthed, fraudulent creature. To have any acquaintance with him is a disgrace". Not that people are foolish or ignorant, but when people are responding to a situation they do not know, they fabricate an opinion based on what they know and exercise their imagination. The result will be like the above comment. To be able to see human creativity going on such lines and organising itself into an opinion is one essential characteristic of superstition.

Nehru called the communists traitors, accused them of extra-territorial loyalty. His tirade was a superstition as it is untenable.

  • Buddha was accepted by other Asian nations.
  • Jesus is followed by the whole world.
  • Gandhi has disciples in America.
  • Our democracyis born abroad.
  • Our freedom struggle itself has no native origin. It is rarely possible NOT to be irrational or superstitious.
  • (P.15 TCHI) The Boxersof China who rebelled against the Government believed that foreign bullets could not kill them.
  • (P.48. TCHI) Children in Poland who were flogged for refusing to say their prayers in German were supported by their parents. They were sent to prison. A widow with six children received the highest punishment when she was asked in what language Christ spoke and she readily answered Polish.
  • Skunks tried to scare away the railway engine when they were introduced.
  • The British army refused to use the tankin the beginning.
  • Not to walk under a ladder is a superstition in the West. (p. 55, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.)

Other statements

No.10:-- Imitation can be so perfect that it can be detected only by its perfection.

  • P.440 - Scarborough's Family.

" He spoke English so well that he could not be detected as a Belgian unless he was detected from its perfection."

  • In ‘Pygmalion' the foreign languages expert decided Eliza was a Hungarian princess because she spoke English too perfectly.

No.11:-- Habits die hard.

  • The story of Chettinadabout deleting an inauspicious word and its failure in the beginning.
  • English gentlemen do not swear. But, from the previous generation the habit lingers. Mr. Prosper swears about a lady to a lady in the presence of his brother-in-law, a rector, which he regrets unspeakably (Refer to P.426 Scarbourough's Family by Trollope).
  • The story of the boy who wrote an imposition 500 times to correct his bad grammar -- "he had went". His committing the same error in a letter to his teacher after completing the punishment. Physically learnt errors cannot be corrected by a physical method of imposition. His own mind corrects his habit. Even then, it will surface occasionally, especially while he is in ill health, which means the correction had not touched the subconscious learning.
  • Pork and Mammy refused to do field work as they were house niggers. (Gone with the Wind, P.445)

118. Subtle Plane

Subtle plane is a Reality, whoever accepts it or not. As the fragrance of the fruit and flower travel beyond them, as the sound of a man walking is detected by the African Negro at two miles distance, everything announces itself. Telepathy is the only thing examined. What Sheldrake is trying to discover, among other things, is the subtle plane. Those who try to deny its presence can as well deny intelligence and emotions. This is downright superstitious, born out of crass ignorance.

  • p.589:- Trollope's novel Mr. Scarborough's Family.

"When a girl really loves her lover, the very atmosphere tells her his whereabouts".

  • (P.26 TCHI) Hitlersurvived several attempts on his life - Good or Evil, the man with a mission has a protective cover.
  • (P.401 TCH I) As I was drowning, my entire past flitted across my brain - a psychic phenomenon.


130. Unfailing success

Of the various aspects of unfailing success, one -- the capacity to be oblivious of one's natural endowment -- ensures the unfailing success for it.

  • Burgowas unaware of his good looks in Trollope's novel ‘Can You Forgive Her'.
  • P.592 of Trollope's novel ‘Mr. Scarborough's Family'

‘But in one thing - Harvy and Mountjoy - they were alike - neither of them counted aught on his good looks'.


86. Organisation, Institution

When an organisation becomes an institution, the values are taken over by the population. In doing so, the value oscillates from positive to negative.

  • P.600 - Trollop's novel Mr. Scarborough's Family.

" It may be that I am a fool, and that my idea of honesty is a mistake".

The original value is the Law is sacred to the letter. People try to live up to the Spirit of the letter. In the changing situation, honesty is interpreted as the letter of the law and anything, however dishonest, that does not offend the letter of the Law is honesty.

  • Money, Business, Organisation are three graded things. For example, a bank is more likely to respond to a business plan than to a financial presentation.

When man respects money, money dominates him and keeps him small. When Man disregards money in favour of life, more money comes to him.

The boom of Indian prosperity around the eighties has this principle behind it.

  • In 1913 Russia suffered acute ford shortage while food was in a glut. P.14 Russian Revolution, A very short Introduction. (R.R)

  • Henry Mintberg, the Canadian Researcher in management says, "Our modern life is completely bathed in by organisations".
  • P.306 Winston Churchill III. At the eleventh hour the soldiers of the navy sailing for Dardanelles discovered they were without a doctor or drugs.

  • Alexander'sfather rose to world eminence by an organisational technology. He chose to win by strategy rather than by numbers. Chengis Khantoo had employed an idea like that. In 1920 you see the British Generals relying on the numbers of men. Khan, when he conquered a place, allowed himself to be absorbed into the local culture. That was his strategy of empire building.

  • P.100 Vol. IV HESP. The cooperative movement in dairy created in New Zealand external trade far outstripping any other country.

  • Organisation of Humanity

Nature has led India to the spiritual quest, an upward movement from Mind. Naturally, Europe has to go in the other direction of studying Matter. That India sought the spiritual quest is natural for the reason that her civilization is the oldest. Sri Aurobindo has said somewhere that the present day star movement study will confine the Vedic period to 18,000 years ago by their reference to stars.



It is experience that leads to success that is wealth. Those who inherit wealth, inherit it without the experience of having earned it. They lose it to a clever partner or a partner of experience. "If you have not lost money, you will not have learnt" is a piece of wisdom.

  • P.601. Trollope's ‘Mr. Scarborough's Family'. The story of an American rich man who had lost his capital to his partner of experience and exclaimed that he had gained experience.


Human Nature

Contrary to common understanding or common sense, events occur, people behave. This is so because common sense is confined to the surface and man, in spite of what he is, loves to believe the very opposite or different.

  • Lear's daughters drove him out. This is according to the rule that the beneficiary will hurt.
  • Mercedesmarried Fernand. It is a TRUE love but a love of social circumstances. When Fernand was exposed, it never hurt her.
  • Lord Krishnabroke all rules of dharma He came to establish. To win for truth in a plane of falsehood, a pinch of falsehood is essential.
  • There can be pure selfish affection. It turns against us when circumstances change.
  • Meanness and affection coexist. (TG)
  • Bhasmaasuran
  • Shakti needs to be pulled up when Ishwara wants to fulfil Himself by surrendering to Her.
  • Beaten severely, a man adores the tyrant and seeks him as a leader (Kapil Mohan'sexperience)
  • P.620. Trollope's novel. Mr. Scarborough's Family.

‘A lover who is anxious to prevail with a lady should always hold up his head - writers know this - and yet the man in love, truly in love, never does hold his head high'.

  • The BurmesePrime Minister handed over power to the Military Chief to go into meditation. One year later he returned to power. After some time, the Chief whose experience of power asserted took over.
  • P. 452 Winston Churchill IV. The Dublin Police cannot be relied on to suppress the Irish population.
  • P.250 Vol III HESP.

While the Duke of Wellington was a young officer, he had an audience with Prime Minister Pitt and noted in his diary. "He imagines a scheme and feels it was done."

Small Significant Events

Some ideas of the above are:

  • The small is not really small.
  • It is the infinite hidden in it.
  • The nature of the small in its own plane is small.
  • The small from the higher plane coming indicates the possibility of moving there.
  • The small that is missing or resisting at the time of completion reveals the impossibility of moving up.
  • Trollope's novel Mr. Scarborough's Family.

Mr. Prosper's easy marriage when settled was wrecked on the rock of two ponies.

The marriage never came off. P.420.

  • Elizabeth agreeing to visit Pemberley and the family not being there were the smallest of circumstances that helped complete her marriage.
  • Sir Stafford Crippsadvised Lord Mountbattenthat sensitive Nehru, the aristocrat was irked by the ‘ruler' attitudes of Viceroys. Lord Mountbatten's adherence to this advice is a significant factor in the successof 1947. (P.412. NPB-B).
  • P.360 NPB-B Sketch Map
  • PunjabGovernor getting a sketch map from Boundary Commission led to Gurudaspur going to India.
  • Pakistan was soured - Denied Mountbatten passage over Pakistan years later.
  • Jinnahand Liaquat trusted in Mountbatten's fairness.

The basic attitude of divide and rule of the British led to partition. It was seen in Attlee's statement of December 6, 1946 that promised Pakistan. All the magnanimity of Britain and Lord Mountbatten could not prevent this basic attitude expressing in a sketch map.

  • Erin Brockovich, when she received the award, forgot in her thanksgiving the original give who performed the miracle. It is not forgetfulness but unwillingness.
  • In the post First World War period Sundays were tranquil and trains did not run. Shops and theatre were closed in Wales and Scotland (P.25. Twentieth century Britain, A very short Introduction) Mrs. Proudie wants trains not to run on Sundays in vain. It was in the 19th century England.
  • Powerful industrial leaders appeared in the Government during the war (P.7 TCB) Ford's President joined US Government in World War II. T.S. Krishnaentered Government of India in World War II.
  • (P.347 Gone with the Wind) Negroes are proud to be the bearers of bad news. (Reflection of how they were treated).
  • Churchillmemorized his speeches usually (Churchill - A Life, P 164)
  • Churchill'sbiography by Gilbert Martin does not mention the date of his death. Instead it says he had a stroke on January 10 and died two weeks later. The actual date of death January 24, 1965 is not there.
  • In 1953 Churchillabolished rationing for chocolate and sugar amidst protests that England would run out of sugar. There was a glut of sugar. P.910 Churchill: A Life
  • Edenwas pestering, compelling Churchillfor months to resign in 1952. Churchill wished to be there for a full term. Yielding to circumstance, Churchill agreed to resign on April 5, 1955. He called Eden and Butler to the office to announce it to them and by a slip asked R.A. Butler to sit on his right and then corrected himself. On meeting the Queen she asked who he recommended. He said he recommended none and left it to her. (Churchill; A Life page. 939)
  • Winston Churchillunveiled his own statue. (P.945 ibid)
  • Churchilllost in his American stocks 18,000 Pounds. A friend offered to buy the stocks for their original value to neutralise his loss (From the film Churchill not found in Martin Gilbert's book)
  • Rajivhad acquired the reputation of telling everyone he meets what he heard the previous day. It means he is physically impressionable.
  • On February 29, 1956 Pakistanofficially became an Islamic Republic.
  • On March 2, 1953 when Stalindid not come out of his room till evening 6.30 no one had the courage to go in. The result was he had a hemorrhage and could not be attended in time.
  • Serious pronounced conviction is not conviction when it comes to action. The PalestineArab refugees of about a million people received only $ 5 million from Saudi Arabia and nothing from other Arab countries, while the total of $800 million came from industrialised nations.

Jehad is terrorism, not religious fanaticism.

  • P.300 HTC III -- A black's longevity is 7 years less than a White. He has half the chance to be a professional and earns about half. (Study if there is any correlation between longevity and prosperity)
  • In 1973 Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda arrived at the meeting of African Heads of State uninvited.
  • Nixonduring his last days in a broadcast, instead of saying ‘get rid of this obsolete system' said "obsolete President". He resigned on August 9, 1974.
  • In 1978 Burkima Faso (formerly upper Volta) of the military regime voluntarily transferred power to civilian rule. (P. 534 TCH III)
  • Seat belts in cars reduced death on the road to a third in a decade in Britain. (P. 606. TCH III)
  • Biscuits baked in WW II were edible after fifty years though somewhat dry. They were sent to Somalia as food aid. (P. 751. TCH III)
  • Kim II Sung, King of North Korea died. His son succeeded him. But no official announcement was made. (P. 770 TCH III)
  • (P 12 TCH III) Chinese women used 5 pound earrings known for their beauty.
  • (P 384 FF-TCH I) Prisoners of concentration camps freed and then fed richly died because of the richness of the food.
  • Finns were the only people who became silent after getting drunk. (Michael Lewis - The Future Just happened. P.5)
  • Robert Clive, the founder of the British Empire, committed suicide is a subtle fact that indicated the British withdrawal in 1947.
  • P. 570 Toynbee'Mankind and Mother Earth' -- AJT mentions that in the Origin of Species the subtitle refers to Natural Selection.
  • P. 582 ibid. Petrol had been a secret component of the East Roman Empire's deadly weapon "Greek Fire".
  • P.178 HESP. Henry V(1420 AD) was the first King to use English in his letters home from the battlefront of France.
  • P.90 Winston ChurchillIII "20 naval guns would equal 50,000 men of the Infantry."


Social Codes

Society is bound by laws, not ethics which is personal and of the mind. The rationale of the social codes is strength, not conscience. In the lives of the gentlemen of aristocracy, we find the behaviour of the individual rising to a pinnacle. Even here, we find the individual conscience NOT elevated to discharge his obligation voluntarily which means

Nowhere among this gentry do we find one person willing to pay voluntarily for the extraordinary services he had received.

  • Society is organized by strength, not conscience, not even in their best individuals.
  • Out of the 53 stories of Sherlock Holmes NO one came forward to pay him. Still the services he had given were not there in the world then and even now.
  • In India the code was Spiritual as evidenced by Manunidhi Cholan and the Cholan who cut off his hand for having knocked at the door of a soldier by mistake.
  • Prices are a great market mechanism. Foolish philanthropists trying to sell at a lower price will be self-defeating. P.84 of 'Castle Richmond' of Trollopespeaks of famine in Ireland where low subsidised prices did not reach the poor. The product comes back to the market and the trader benefits.
  • In the film on Billy Mitchell when he was court-martialed, the wife of his friend deposed. As she left the court, the entire court was on its feet as if out of respect for her, which is not a courtesy witnessed in other court scenes.


Society has overcome its physicality

The end of World War II ended the rule of the body, i.e. physicality, as a global phenomenon. Its local versions are seen in 26 countries and as terrorism. As the end of a phenomenon will not be abrupt, so its appearance too will not be sudden.

  • Any phenomenon gradually builds up from the individual to the collective and disappears in the reverse.
  • P.1. Trollope's novel ‘The Bertrams'.

"This is undoubtedly the age of humanity, as far, at least as England is concerned. A man who is beating his wife is shocking to us". Here there is a description of a colonel, operation under chloroform, schools, and infliction of bodily pain.

  • To be plump is to belong to the Royalty - a belief that arose from poverty consciousness.
  • P. 273 HESP. The initial capital of the East India Companywas ₤72,000 while the entire revenue of the British governmentwas ₤3,00,000 just 25 % (Here we see the physical work raised to the vital moneyenables them to found an empire that lasted three centuries. The ₤72,000 did what a far greater labour physically could not have done.
  • In 1832 an Eton Headmaster birched 80 boys in one day. P.46 Winston Churchill Vol. II
  • H.G. Wellsreferring to the exile of Trotsky says it was mild compared with the savagery of the French Revolution. How does USSR fare then?


Change from one type of productive organisation, social living or cultural existence to another is Transition. In that sense, a transition is going on all the time everywhere. But we limit the use of the word to transition from backwardness to prosperity) which will cover Asia, Africa and South America.

  • General Transition is advance in civilisation.
  • In the 20th century or even from the 17th or 18th centuries, particularly in the post war world backward nations had a great opportunity to become industrialized. This compelled them to induce a process of social development artificially. Thus the phenomenon of Transition came into being.
  • USSR, East European countries face this issue acutely.
  • Considering Transition confined to ORGANISATIONS which means creating the organisational infrastructure needed for the future welfare, the THEORY offers us the solutions.
  • All these nations are outmoded in national and industrial organisations needed for the level of prosperity expected.
  • The FACT is there are two organisational levels -- 1) the Present and 2) the Future. It is easily possible to construct or visualize the intermediate ranges and the process of transition at every stage. There is another process of escaping several intermediate ranges.
  • Once this is created, the question is how to implement it.
  • The Theory gives us the knowledge of links, the strategies required by them and tells us where it can be pushed through and where it cannot.
  • Apart from the theory, the experience of 40 or 50 countries is there.
  • Suppose some of these nations attain to the level of prosperity desired in fifty years, one can see the changes they passed through. Those stages, they will then know, could have been crossed in five years. The Theory gives that knowledge now.


Apparently Inverse Mechanisms

It is common knowledge that a long cherished project comes to fruition when we forget it.

  • ‘Mr.Clennam, in Dickens' Little Dorritwho gave up Amy finds she had sent undying love for him.
  • Silent will belongs to this category.
  • To remove your real support voluntarily is the same phenomenon in the reverse. Napoleon divorcing Josephine, Congressdisregarding Sri Aurobindo's advice are examples.
  • Napoleonordered the shooting of Charles, Josephine's paramour. She vehemently protested and Charles was released. One who is below gets his demand by a strong plea. One who is above does it by silent will. The 4 variations are of significance.
  • Good comes out of evil P.346 'Castle Richmond' - Trollopesays thinking minds know good comes out of evil.
  • The black plagueby wiping off one third of the population removed the serfs and the feudal system. The peasant was thus liberated.
  • Ramsay Macdonald said the WWIachieved more than the campaigns of Trade Unions by raising the wages, productivity, health services, housing, etc. (P.8 A Short Introduction to 20th century Great Britain). In the same is a remark that war that killed men, raised the living conditions in the home country.
  • (Page 11. Twentieth Century Britain TCB)

Lloyd George who triumphed in war as Prime Minister found his party was crushed in election six years later even as Churchill was defeated in 1945.

  • 'Safety first' of Baldwinwas seen even in the 1926 General Strike in the absence of violence against blacklegs and was a fortress in Great Britain. It is the same police that destroyed the safety of the world by refusing to see Hitler's rise. (P.28 TCB)
  • p. 308, Paul Johnson, Birth of the Modern World: Technology undermined serfdom in Russia while it strengthened slavery in the USA. The determinant is human choice.

The Value of Promise

  • Churchillvaluing his word to Lord Mountbatten.
  • 10 examples from Novels.
  • In the film "The Ideal Husband", the word is honouritself. Even in a man who already took a bribe, the longing for Truth revives and becomes alive. (Full note is in typed form with comments.)
  • (P 910 TCH III) In 1907 in an international conference of 44 nations an idea to banish aerial bombardment was accepted by all except Germany. Then it was decided to attack with bombs only military installations. It is all precarious but largely followed for 100 years. A promisehas its value.
  • P. 253 Winston ChurchillIV

Churchill alone wanted to crush the USSR Communists. Labour in UK fully supported USSR. Cabinet and Lloyd George were not for it out of expediency and not policy. Lloyd George had the wisdom to see crushing Lenin would lead to the success of Lenin in Russia and UK would go communist. Churchill, like a true gentleman acted in the Paris conference as he owed to the cabinet, not as he personally believed. It is magnificent to see that VALUE of promise.

  • p. 175 HESP I. That England was held for Richardin his long absence (for crusade) against all these powerful and subtle forces is a proof of the loyalties of the feudal age.

A small man's great work never spreads

  • Glenn Doman.


  • The Black Plague that killed 30% of the population was the seed of democracy. Labour became short. Serfdom was abolished and wage earning and peasant farming came into existence ultimately making way for democracy.
  • Page 171 "The History and Power of Writing"

Writing is an organisation that enabled taxing. Evasion is enabled by the power of writing. The tax burden was shifted to the poor. The rich become richer with every new power that enters the society.

  • Page. 33 Winston ChurchillVol IV

"More than 50 departments were competing with each other for labour and material without reference to the Chief, the Director General of Munitions".

  • H.G. Wells.

The British believed that Science and Industry should be kept apart. To mix them was vulgar. The Germans combined them with great advantage.

Co-existence of Opposite Traits

  • When Gandhiji was fasting, Churchillof great courage and world fame, sent a telegram to Wavell asking why Gandhi had not yet died. Churchill lost his job.
  • 'Computerising common sense' project was joined by Doughent, The field's high priesthood was stopped by an absence of common sense.
  • Wellington was sad when Napoleon died.
  • Computer scientists are boyish.
  • Siddharthain 'Siddhartha" of Hermann Hesse (P. 74-75P tells Kamala that she, like him, can retire inside and that was why she was able to love.
  • Herman Hesse's Siddhartha P.144

"In every truth the opposite is equally true"

  • (P. 90 T.C.B.) The American commentator Bernard Nossiterhad even claimed in the late seventies that the apparent economic rundown and unemployment in Britain marked something more positive - a deliberately creative use of leisure in which the British middle and skilled working class rebelled against the norms of ever increasing mass production and opted for greater freedom from the drudgery of automated labour.
  • Churchillwho was a born warrior whose hands always itched for the war front advocated negotiations all his life.
  • p. 614 - Second World War (abridged) Churchill. Based on one thousand years of Arab experience, the British military forty years ago adopted thick underclothing, a helmet to protect from the sun. Now white soldiers in tropical Egypt go about naked. There are no sunstrokes. How does the doctor explain this phenomenon?
  • Intellectuals - Paul Johnson last page: The falsehood, egoism, irrationality, deceit, selfishness the great intellectuals- Russell, TolThefMarx, Jopea- PauSafort-or hibiected.
  • p.1882 ibidi>Intellectuald havb>som timee a strangs fcaginatied fof violenc-l, TolThef- RussellSafortut. This ison, in spite on their asincapafunistsn.


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  • He>touclds t on hoe it can bn organived.

  • 70733 Winston Churchi,CH IIV

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  • 87.33 Winston Churchi,C0 Vol II> Churchiltaras leully ggotestet tn tat King tnecameas spnt afteC frs we. t.
  • 90 I ibid--as Prime MinisteAsreqn ggicularlo wrot. Cabinea secrssh in hisoveis letters to artresViolanrteVppe ssia ane askefrtis not tpespeor it ort.
  • 55706 Winston Churchill I at itcnhtes, who wam thS secragery of Statl fowares did not rand the telegrves anh othsge were nosn hhee ttem. Tha telegram that said the Germanerhan crosse, theanubthe th ho is e fo gowas s knowt tt itcnhtrt.
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  • p266on, Intellectuals
  • p.21, I ibidMadeny intellectuad havaus giuesg foe selRepublittly.


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  • P.8173 HESPi> NHING
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