Uncommon Opportunities: An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development
by ICPF, Zed Books, London, 1994

Uncommon Opportunities The report of the International Commission on Peace and Food focuses on the 'uncommon opportunities' that have arisen as the world shifts into new alignments. These include the chance to tackle the problems of hunger and injustice at the root of so many of the global challenges confronting us not the least, the overriding challenge of nurturing a worldwide culture of peace.

The Commission delivers a message of hope - but hope rooted in the realities of human resourcefulness and practical measures that citizens' groups, governments and international institutions could take up. It is a message we all should heed and act upon.



The Vital Difference - Unleashing the Powers of Sustained Corporate Success

by Fred Harmon and Garry Jacobs, Amacom Publications, NY, 1985

The Vital DifferenceThe Vital Difference There is an inexhaustible potential within the organization. It is inexhaustible because the more it is drawn from, the greater it grows. The more enthusiastically it is tapped, the more it increases at its source. The more it is enjoyed, the more it expands. Those who have used this potential to unleash the powers of sustained corporate success have learned how to make a vital difference, in their lives and in the lives of their e organizations. The first qualification is to want it. The more you want it, the more you grow. The more conscious you become of it, the more it beckons you to further growth. That is the essential message of this book. For those who seek the ultimate boon of endless corporate expansion, we invite you to that great adventure and to share our glimpse of a vision of the process. For those who seek a more limited boon like doubling your profits or sales, the book presents specific strategies for achieving your goal.

The book has been translated and published in seven foreign languages.

The Vital Corporation - How American Businesses Large and Small Double Profits in Two Years or Less
by Garry Jacobs and Robert Macfarlane, Prentice Hall, NY, 1987

The Vital CorporationThe Vital Corporation This is a book about the process of corporate growth--what makes it happen, what makes it stop, and how it can be accelerated in any company to dramatically increase revenues and profits within a very short period of time. The Vital Corporation illustrates this process with inspiring examples of companies of all sizes drawn from a wide range of industries, which have utilized the process to double or even triple their profits. The Vital Corporation also contains specific strategies for applying these principles-plus a series of detailed exercises to assist you in making the ideas in this book as real and as relevant as possible.

Human Choice - The Genetic Code for Social Development
by Harlan Cleveland, Prentice Hallon"9arryf1Owth-A prk Nalsojan Publications, NY, 1985

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