Future Education Conference








Future Education Conference

January 28, 2018 – 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Anandha Inn, Pondicherry

The world is moving faster and faster. Information is multiplying more rapidly than anyone can organize or absorb it. Job requirements are changing before our eyes. Technology is creating new jobs and destroying existing ones. The type of education we offer will be a critical determinate of our success in meeting these challenges. We require rapid and radical changes in the way we educate youth to prepare them for success in the society that is emerging.

It would be immensely advantageous to those who are in the field of Education to take up the above challenging issues in a discussion which will provide opportunities for everyone to know, learn and adopt the different innovative methodologies and ideas practiced in different schools across India.

The one-day conference on Future Education in India was organized at Anandha Inn, Pondicherry on January 28, 2018 to consider the changes needed in our schools and to examine successful strategies that are already being applied by schools in India and overseas. The conference was organized by The Mother's Service Society (MSS), an educational and social science research institute and owner of  Primrose School, Pondicherry in collaboration with Mind Mingle Education, New Delhithe World Academy of Art & Science and the World University Consortium, USA.

This conference was a follow-up to the 1st & 2nd International Conferences on Future Education at the University of California at Berkeley on October 2-3, 2013 and at the University of Rome III on November 16-18, 2017.

Click here for the report on International Conference on Future Education conducted in Rome, Italy by WAAS, WUC and MSS.

For inquiries, email us at education@mssresearch.org.